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Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Too frequently in today’s society, people who have labels become identified or are identified by their labels. In reality, a label will never change a person. In fact, a label can be seen as a judgment. Judgment and understanding can never exist together. Judgment means we lose sight of the person behind the label as we simply judge their behaviour to be wrong and thus the behaviour must simply be changed.
At Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre, we work from a model of Functional Behaviour Assessment, a scientific process that is aimed at identifying the reason for any unwanted behaviour. It is this reason that is significantly more important than the actual behaviour itself. It is this reason that provides an understanding as to ‘why’ the behaviour is occurring.

In our society, the treatment of any unwanted behaviour is based on a model of attempting to change behaviour without first understanding the reason for the behaviour. With this approach, the treatment offered is often ‘hit and miss’; that is, treatment appears to work for some, yet not others. The ‘hit and miss’ outcome is because as a whole, we are not treating every person as an individual and thus we are not investigating the unique reason behind each individual’s unwanted eating patterns.

In my work at Fabic, I have developed a 3-step model to behaviour change that is based on supporting people to first understand behaviour before they effectively change behaviour.

This model is based first and foremost on always meeting the person for who they are. Secondly, we investigate the reason for the behaviour and lastly, having understood the reason behind the behaviour we are able to develop effective behaviour change strategies.

This 3-step model (The Body Life Skills Program) is used successfully at Fabic to support people to change their own unwanted behaviours, or to learn to better understand the unwanted behaviours used by other people and support others with their own behaviour change.


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