Mental Health

It is a well known fact that mental health issues in virtually every place in the world are on the rise and the levels of stress, tension and anxiety most experience are at an all time high.

So how do we approach this? These articles explore many of the issues society is facing with regard to mental health and how we can practically heal them.

Teaching Kids to Ask for Help

Teaching Kids and Teens to Ask for Help at School

We often don’t think of asking for help as a skill that needs to be taught. in reality people of all ages can find it ...
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Are expression and anxiety related?

Tanya Curtis explores the relationship between expression and anxiety, highlighting how they are both intrinsically linked.
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Dis-Ability or Diff-Ability

Tanya Curtis shares her experiences of treating those with disabilities and how she sees everyone as equally the same, disability or not.
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Mental Health Burnout … at epidemic proportions and no end in sight

Tanya R Curtis examines the impact of burnout, anxiety and stress among mental health professionals and the impact of it on society.
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Cyber-bullying – is it really our new normal?

Tanya R Curtis examines the impact cyber bullying has on our mental health and wellbeing and the action needed by governments to combat it.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Going Beyond the Label

Autism Spectrum – Going Beyond the Label

Tanya Curtis has been working in the field of disability and with Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2002 and sees autism as a description of a ...
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Fabic Blog Anxiety Adaptability Covid19

Anxiety and Adaptability during Covid-19

Anxiety is a world epidemic, impacting our quality of life which has only exacerbated since COVID-19. Many may ask why has this occurred?
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Fabic Blog Anxiety Wellness Are They Related

Anxiety and Wellness – are they related?

Are anxiety and wellness related? Yes absolutely! Anxiety has a huge impact on the quality of our day to life. But where does it come ...
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Fabic Blog Anxiety And Being A Man

Anxiety and BEING a Man

Most men are anxious on some level yet that is rarely what they seek support for. Do our men feel safe to express what they ...
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Fabic Blog Problem with Procrastination

The Problem with Procrastination

Procrastination /prə(ʊ)ˌkrastɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ noun: the action of delaying or postponing something. Do you ever delay completing tasks that are important? Do you ever hesitate to accept ...
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism Is It Debilitating My Child

Perfectionism – is it debilitating my child?

What is perfectionism? Is it affecting you and your child? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis takes a look and reveals how harmful it is .
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism and Behaviour Issues in Schools

Perfectionism and Behaviour Issues in Schools

What is perfectionism? Is it affecting you and your child? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis takes a look and reveals how harmful it is.
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Fabic Blog Winter And Our Mental Health

Winter and our Mental Health

Do you like winter? Tanya Curtis looks at the impact of winter on our mental health providing five ways to keep the winter blues at ...
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Fabic Blog Sport Healing or Harming

Sport: Healing or Harming the Soul?

Our Australian culture is very much sports-based. How far is too far when it comes to promoting a sports-oriented culture within your home?
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Fabic Blog What Is Occupational Therapy

How Occupational Therapy and Psychology Can Support Improved Mental Health and Well-being

We share how you can support yourself or a loved one experiencing a mental health issue and fully utilise the support available at Fabic.
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Fabic Blog Impact Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism – The Hidden Epidemic

Is perfectionism affecting your child? Do you even know the signs? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis gives us the low down.
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Fabic Blog Difference Between Relief and Root Cause

The difference between seeking relief and addressing the root cause

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis introduces the difference between seeking relief from an issue and addressing the root cause.
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Fabic Blog We Are All Amazing Beings

You are not your behaviours; seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they are

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis presents the importance of seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they naturally are.
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Fabic Blog Interview with Cassie Clouser

Tanya Curtis Interview with Cassie Clouser

In this interview Tanya Curtis offers insight into the Fabic philosophy and how it can support with true and lasting behaviour change
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Fabic Blog Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Most at some point in their lives have tried to change their eating patterns without success. We examine what the root cause of this may ...
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