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Speech Pathologist Brisbane, Gold Coast, Beaudesert and surrounds. Online sessions available.

FABIC’s speech pathology service combines traditional tools for understanding and addressing communication difficulties with Tanya Curtis’s Body Life Skills program. This potent combination brings a dedicated person-centred approach that seeks to understand difficulties communicating, right back to their deepest underlying root cause and ensures that this is fully understood and addressed in the intervention.

Speech Pathology Services at Fabic

  • Fabic offers a full range of speech pathology assessments to support with identification and understanding of communication difficulties.
  • Assessments and interventions to support people of all ages to develop their understanding and use of language to communicate.
  • Programs for people from three years of age right throughout adulthood to support them in developing their ability to process the spoken communication of others.
  • Speech pathology interventions to support with the development of executive functioning and problem-solving skills.
  • Assessment and treatment for people of all ages who experience stuttering.
  • Fabic offers a range of options to support people of all ages to develop effective social skills for life.
  • Assessment and treatment for people of all ages to support the development of clear, functional speech.
  • Accent modification programs for people attempting to reduce the influence of a foreign accent on their production of English.
  • A full, comprehensive service which introduces alternative means of communicating for people with little or no functional verbal speech.
  • Assessment and therapy for people of all ages and presentations who have difficulty learning to read and write.
  • A support service to help schools and families identify and assist with the aspects of the school setting that a person may find challenging.
  • A service to upskill and equip schools to support students with autism and other disabilities.
  • A support service for people with disabilities and/or additional learning needs to develop the skills needed for the workplace.
  • Training for support workers to support the process of understanding common support needs of people with disabilities and working with them to develop skills for independence.
  • A mobile speech pathology service to locations around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area as well as Beaudesert and Tweed Shire.
  • Our Speech Pathologists work closely with people with Autism to support them with a variety of challenges they may be experiencing.
  • Bringing a lightness and joy to their work with children our Speech Pathologists provide fun and engaging speech therapy for kids.
  • Fabic’s Speech Pathologist services for adults support with communication issues that create blockages to a person living their full potential.

Service Delivery & Locations

Our Speech Therapy services are delivered from our Speech Pathologists in Gold Coast and Speech Pathologists in Brisbane.

We also offer mobile services at the client’s home, school, workplace or other locations on the Gold Coast, in Greater Brisbane, Flagstone and Beaudesert and can travel elsewhere to deliver services if needed. Our speech pathology services can also be accessed online via telehealth.

Funding Services

Various funding options can be used to support access to the speech pathology services at Fabic, including:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) packages

  • Helping Children with Autism Therapy Sessions (Medicare Plan – available from a paediatrician or psychiatrist)

  • Chronic Disease Management Plan (Medicare Plan – available from your GP)

  • Private Health Insurance

NDIS Speech Therapy Services

Funding options are available for people with approved funding from the NDIS to access Speech Pathologist services at FABIC. To learn more about the NDIS see our NDIS information page.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates are available with a Chronic Disease Management Plan available from your GP.

Better start for children with a Disability / Helping Children with Autism Therapy sessions are available through Medicare with rebates available for up to 20 therapy sessions. Sessions must be applied for before the child is 13 and used before a child is 15 years of age.

For children requiring an assessment to see if they have Autism, up to four sessions can be claimed for testing and Autism assessment services. While our Speech Pathologists do not diagnose Autism, they can provide the evidence for a diagnosis to a psychiatrist or qualified psychologist.

To access these rebates you will require a referral from a paediatrician or child psychiatrist.

Private Health Insurance

To find out if your Private Health Insurance covers you for Speech Therapy rebates, get in touch with your provider, many plans do cover Speech Therapy but each provider will be different depening on your level of cover.

For more information on our Speech Pathology services
please see our Speech Pathology Services Flyer.

Fabic Speech Pathologists

Meet the people behind the profession. Learn more about our Practitioners and book an appointment using the links below or contact us via the contact page if you would like more information or support with booking.

Kathryn Maroney Profile

Kathryn Maroney

Speech Pathologist, Products Developer

Kathryn is FABIC’s senior Speech Pathologist and has extensive experience working across the range of general speech pathology practice and particularly in the field of disability and autism.  

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