Clinical Services

Behaviour Specialist

Whether you are experiencing extreme non-preferred or ‘just’ mild or moderate unwanted behaviours, we offer specialised clinical services for all who aim to identify the root cause of why you or another are experiencing the behaviour in the first place.

Speech Pathology

FABIC’s speech pathology service combines traditional tools for understanding and addressing communication difficulties with Tanya Curtis’ Body Life Skills program. This potent combination brings a dedicated person-centred approach that seeks to understand difficulties communicating, right back to their deepest underlying root cause and ensures that this is fully understood and addressed in the intervention.


Our psychologists offer specialised clinical services for clients wanting to understand and change  non-preferred or unwanted behaviour and support them to build strategies to truly enjoy their everyday life. We work with people with low-intensity unwanted behaviours right through to extreme high-intensity behaviours.

Occupational Therapy

FABIC Occupational Therapy sessions are fun and engaging; they support children and adults of all ages to function more independently each day and develop a living quality that allows them to enjoy life and live their full potential.

Behaviour Counsellor

FABIC Behaviour Counselling can support to develop the skills needed to respond to life and reach our full potential. Practical skills are needed when faced with challenging life situations, take responsibility and build self-awareness.


The purpose of assessments is never to compare one person with another, label or diagnose anyone; rather, it is to utilise the results to best support the client in their natural setting and help ascertain the reason for non-preferred or unwanted behaviours being used.


FABIC Consultancy Services  support the development, implementation, training, monitoring, evaluation and modification of behaviour change programs to any organisation or group seeking lasting behaviour change. This service is available for HR and other departments, on the ground staff and/or teams of people supporting behaviour change for one person.

Group Training Programs

These training programs are designed for small groups of people experiencing similar challenges. Offering a supportive and cost-effective way of obtaining the information you would normally get in six individual behaviour specialist consultations, participants have access to a block of workshop-style presentations, online or on site.

Staff Mentoring

The FABIC staff mentoring program has been designed for carers, staff, work colleagues and supervisors to implement strategies based on the Body Life Skills program to support the understanding and lasting change of non-preferred or unwanted behaviour.  And the best way to achieve this is to teach and apply it in the client’s natural environment. 

Are you working in an industry that asks you to address human behaviour? Enrich your clinical skills with professional support from world leading Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis.

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