Short Course -
An Introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

Introducing the Body Life Skills program, a simple, practical and life changing 3-step approach to understanding and changing behaviour, developed and presented by behaviour specialist Tanya Curtis.

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Fabic's foundational new short course now available

The acclaimed Body Life Skills Program is now available as an Online Learning program, bringing you all the tools needed for the 3 steps leading to lasting behaviour change – Body, Life and Skills. The Body Life Skills Program is the basis for all of Fabic’s Behaviour Specialist Training courses.

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Let's face it

We all...

  • Have behaviours that we would prefer not to be using and/or
  • are working alongside, caring for or living with people who regularly display unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, ranging from mild to severe to off the Richter scale.

No matter the intensity, the Body Life Skills program is based on the knowing that:

  • we are not what we do,
  • all and every behaviour happens for a reason
  • we need to learn/teach new skills to change unwanted or non-preferred behaviour.

There are many behaviour change models available – but do they go to the root of the problem, do they offer lasting behaviour change?

The Body Life Skills program is for those who are serious about lasting behaviour change and true answers as opposed to short-term solutions and quick fixes that don’t last the distance. For many, the Body Life Skills program has been their last resort when they had all but given up and all other attempts at behaviour change had failed.

What’s this course about?

This course is for everyone engaged or interested in changing non-preferred or unwanted behaviour, whether as a professional or when supporting a family member, friend or oneself.

We all use behaviours that we would prefer not to be using and this course offers simplicity and understanding to frequently encountered situations – at home, at school, in the workplace, the justice system and the community at large.

The sixteen principles of behaviour change, as developed by Tanya Curtis, are covered as a foundation to further explore how the body experiences life through behaviours, words, thoughts and feelings.

‘Pictures and smashed pictures’, a term frequently used at Fabic, as well as the factor of ‘historic, current and future life’ are explained and everyday examples illustrate the role they play when a person escalates from code blue (settlement) all the way to code red (meltdown).

The Fabic Behaviour/Anxiety Scale and I Choose Chart are introduced as indispensable tools for supporting a person to communicate what they perceive they are not yet equipped to respond to and to make sure that all members of a team supporting a person with non-preferred or unwanted behaviour are on the same page.

The Body Life Skills program has been the last resort for many who had all but given up on changing unwanted behaviour and this short course offers a great entry point into the world of lasting behaviour change.


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