Body Life Skills TV Series

The Body Life Skills TV series, is now available to purchase at our sister site Fabic TV. Discover how to implement LASTING behaviour change that supersedes short-term solutions and relief-based strategies.

Body Life Skills TV Series

The Body Life Skills series, is now available to purchase at our sister site Fabic TV. Discover how to implement LASTING behaviour change that supersedes short-term solutions and relief-based strategies.

About the 11 part TV Series

The statistics associated with behaviour incidents, disability, mental illness, crime, marriage and relationship breakdowns and drug and alcohol abuse are increasing by the day.

How is this possible when there are more behaviour change resources, an increase in available qualified professionals, additional training opportunities and more medical, psychological and behaviour-based strategies than ever before. How do these ever-increasing statistics make any sense? Increased behaviour incidents in schools, homes, workplaces and the community at large are seemingly unexplainable.

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Behaviour Therapist Tanya Curtis Presents the Body Life Skills TV Series
FABIC Behaviour Change Support

More and more we are becoming aware of the need for behaviour change support . . .

Behaviour change is a common phrase when it comes to industries and areas associated with unwanted behaviours, whether that be in mental health, disability, education, human resources, justice, drug and alcohol, autism, intellectual impairment, ADHD, family, marriage and relationships and many more. There is overall a growing demand for people wanting support with behaviour modification and behaviour change assistance for themselves and others.

Behaviour support solutions abound but do they support lasting change?

Behaviour Change Programs are being offered everywhere and terms such as behaviour analysis, behaviour support, behaviour modification, life skills, social skills training, relationship counselling etc. are now becoming everyday terms. The demand for behaviour courses is growing while the supply of behaviour courses and behaviour training material is doing its best to keep up.

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Enter the Body Life Skills program where UNDERSTANDING and LASTING behaviour change are our only focus … a model that, when introduced and lived in full, will result in a reversal of the currently increasing and concerning statistics related to any industry addressing behaviours … a model that offers LASTING BEHAVIOUR CHANGE

About Presenter Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis, director of Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre and developer of the Body Life Skills program, has clinical experience as a Behaviour Specialist and counsellor since 2002.. Tanya has a Masters of Behaviour Management, a Masters of Counselling, a Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management) and an Associate Diploma of Education. She has been formally trained in the traditional format of Functional Behaviour Assessment, also referred to by many as Functional Analysis, Functional Assessment, Behaviour Analysis or Applied Behaviour Analysis

The Body Life Skills program takes the evidence-based research of these sciences and brings it into a super simple, user-friendly program that can be applied in everyday life.

This series develops both a theoretical understanding and practical application of how to support others with implementing lasting behaviour change.

Mental Health Professionals, Behaviour Support Practitioners, Educators, School Teachers, Parents, Carers, Justice Department Employees, anyone who works in the area of behaviour change and anyone ready to embark on their own journey of lasting behaviour change.
Fabic Mental Health Workers
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The Body Life Skills Series is available as a complete series or as individual episodes.

The episodes in the series are:

  1. Introducing the Body Life Skills Program
  2. Control vs Self-Mastery: A Key to Lasting Behaviour Change
  3. Sequence of Behaviour: Functional Behaviour Assessment at a Glance   
  4. Building Foundations to Support Lasting Behaviour Change
  5. Guiding Principles to Support Understanding & Lasting Behaviour Change
  6. Step 1:  BODY – Behaviour Is a Form of Communication
  7. Step 2: LIFE – Identifying Life Triggers
  8. Step 3: SKILLS – Developing Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change
  9. Behaviour Scale – How to Develop and Use the Fabic Behaviour Scale
  10. I Choose Chart – How to Develop and Use the Fabic I Choose Chart
  11. Practically Using the Body Life Skills Program in Everyday Life

Buy the complete series or purchase the individual topics you are interested in. Excellent for organisations looking to equip their staff with a greater understanding of how to support lasting behaviour change.

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