Understand & Change Unwanted Behaviours

Behaviour Support Practitioners to support you with Behaviour Change

FABIC’s Counsellors are part of our Behaviour Support Practitioner Team and help people to understand and change their unwanted behaviours by supporting them to develop the skills they need to feel confident to respond to life.

Fabic operates from the foundation that all non-preferred or unwanted behaviours are a result of anxiety first – A person perceiving that they are not yet equipped to handle aspects of life that they are currently facing.

This is where behaviour counselling can support a person to develop the skills they need to respond to life and reach their full potential. Fabic’s behaviour counselling services can support them to develop the skills to respond to challenging life situations, take responsibility, build self-awareness and learn the practical skills needed.

Our Behaviour Counselling Services can support with:

  • Anxiety, sadness, grief, frustration, anger and depression
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Communication issues in homes, workplaces, schools and between individuals
  • Social skills development
  • Life adjustments/changes and transitions
  • Emotional challenges
  • Understanding behaviours used by other people
  • People wanting to experience a deeper quality of life and improved well-being
  • Understanding challenges presented in life
  • Understanding behaviours used by other people

Behaviour Support Practitioners NDIS

Behaviour Support Practitioners to support you with Behaviour Change

FABIC’s Behaviour Counsellors are also NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioners. This means that if you have NDIS funding you can engage our services under the NDIS. To learn more about the NDIS, its aims, who it is for, and frequently asked questions see our NDIS support page.

Fabic Behaviour Counselling sessions are fun and engaging; they support both children and adults of all ages to function more independently each day and develop a living quality that allows them to enjoy life and live their full potential.

Service Delivery and Location

Primarily based at Fabic Gold Coast and Fabic Brisbane with online, on-site and phone services additionally available.

For more information on our Behaviour Counselling Services please contact Fabic.

Fabic Behaviour Counsellors

Meet the people behind the profession. Learn more about our Practitioners and book an appointment using the links below or contact us via the contact page if you would like more information or support with booking.

FABIC CLINICIAN Emily Rutherford

Emily Rutherford

Provisional Psychologist & Behaviour Counsellor

Emily is a registered provisional psychologist offering a behaviour focused approach and counselling. Emily brings focus to supporting all to increase their skills to respond to life, increase independence and capacity, increase quality of life and supports ALL to step closer to living and reaching their full potential every single day.


Julie Ferguson

Behaviour Counsellor

Through a lifelong love of working with people, observing their behaviours and being fascinated by the underlying causes, Julie’s completion of a Counselling Diploma and 14 years’ experience working in the education system, both primary and secondary, sees her well equipped to support with long-lasting behaviour change.

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