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NDIS approved Occupational Therapists in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Occupational Therapy is an allied health profession that focuses on teaching skills for everyday living.

At FABIC, we offer Occupational Therapy services to support children and adults of all ages who are facing challenges carrying out activities of daily living. Barriers to participation in these areas of life may be due to physical or cognitive challenges, developmental delay, ageing, injuries or surgery as well as social and emotional issues.

FABIC Occupational Therapy sessions are fun and engaging; they support both children and adults of all ages to function more independently each day and develop a living quality that allows them to enjoy life and live their full potential.

Barriers may present as difficulties with:​

  • Daily routines

  • Social skills

  • Play skills

  • Achieving developmental milestones

  • Responding to sounds, sights, touch, movement, tastes and smells

  • Fine motor skills involved in drawing, writing, manipulating lace, 
    buttons, zips, etc.

  • Engagement and learning in the classroom

  • Transitioning between activities and settings

  • Dealing with emotions and behaviours

  • Gross motor skills needed to perform walking, running, playground and sporting activities

  • Standing, walking, running, sitting and/or hand-eye coordination

  • Self-care activities such as dressing, grooming, showering, meal preparation, feeding, toileting, sleep

  • Home safety

  • Accessing and participating in the community

  • Leisure and recreation

  • Engaging in work, study or productivity roles

  • Independence with daily living skills such as cooking, self-care and budgeting

  • And much more …

Occupational Therapy services offered at Fabic:

  • Individual, family and/or group therapy
  • Parent, family and/or carer support
  • Occupational Therapy for Children
  • Occupational Therapy for Adults
  • Support with mental health issues
  • Occupational Therapy for Autism
  • Screening and Occupational Therapy assessments:
  • Environmental adaptations and modification
  • Equipment prescription
  • Educational workshops and seminars

Occupational Therapy Assessments

FABIC provides a range of Occupational Therapy Assessments including:

Occupational Therapy for Autism

FABIC is renowned for its work in the area of Autism and its Occupational Therapy for Autism services provide an in-depth support for children and adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as people who require supporting evidence of a diagnosis for an Autism assessment.

FABIC Occupational Therapy

NDIS Occupational Therapy

NDIS Approved Occupational Therapists Brisbane and Gold Coast

Our Occupational Therapists are NDIS approved to support people who receive NDIS funding. To learn more about the NDIS, its aims, who it is for, and frequently asked questions see our NDIS support page.

Did you know?

All Occupational Therapy services can be offered:

  • Face to face
  • Via telehealth
  • On-site

On-site consultation options

FABIC’s Occupational Therapists can support wherever the activities are occurring that are presenting as a challenge – at home, in schools, workplaces or the community.

  • Observations
  • Observing the person in their home, school, workplace or any environment or setting where challenging activities occur, allows us to gain an understanding what specific activities require support and how best to support .
  • Implementing changes
  • Fabic’s Occupational Therapists can demonstrate skills and support your family and your colleagues to feel more equipped in supporting you in your environment.
  • Staff training for individual clients or staff (in schools, residential facilities, workplaces, employment services, etc.)

For more about on-site consultations — Download the fact sheet

Travel Fees Apply

Travel fees apply, for all on-site consultations.
Please contact Fabic directly for more information.

For more information on our Occupational Therapy Services please contact Fabic.

Fabic Occupational Therapists

Meet the people behind the profession. Learn more about our Practitioners and book an appointment using the links below or contact us via the contact page if you would like more information or support with booking.

Annie Tran Profile

Annie Tran

Occupational Therapist

Annie teaches people of all ages skills for daily living, be it handwriting and fine motor skills, social skills or understanding emotions and behaviours of themselves and others. 

Annie supports individuals, their caregivers and support team to build independence in the home, school/workplace and community environments. 

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