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FABIC – the behaviour change specialists

Behavioural Therapy for Lasting Behaviour Change

Are you experiencing an unwanted Behaviour or know someone who is? We specialise in supporting people of all ages and all backgrounds to become their own behaviour change experts – and essentially make our jobs redundant! Check out our clinical services, products and free resources designed to support you, or someone you care for, with lasting behaviour change.


Clinical Services

Make an appointment with a Behavioural Therapist today. Online, home visits and in clinic services are available with Behaviour Support Practitioners, Behaviour Counsellors, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapist and more.


Learn with FABIC

Learn Behaviour Change skills that last. FABIC provides Clinical Supervision as well as extensive training available for carers, clients, educators and mental health professionals via FABIC TV & FABIC Study or via training delivered direct to your organisation with FABIC Live workshops and programs.


Shop Behaviour Change

Our products are designed to make behaviour change expertise accessible in your home, school or workplace with easy to use resources and visual prompts including books, posters, magnets, calendars with inspiring messages, bookmarks, tv series and more.

What's New at Fabic


SUPERVISION with Tanya R Curtis

Enrich your clinical skills with professional support from world leading Behaviour Specialist Tanya R Curtis.

Individual supervision is offered to those looking for advancement in their clinical skills when it comes to understanding and changing behaviour or as required for their relevant regulatory body.

Group supervision is offered to those seeking advancement in their clinical skills in the areas of understanding and changing behaviour.


Upcoming FEL Events

2024 marks the re-launch of a wide range of  FABIC Education & Learning (FEL) events. There are all-day and weekend workshops, practitioner training programs and evening presentations including series of events for children, designed to support you to support yourself and those you care for.

Events are available in person in Robina QLD and online/worldwide.

Latest FABIC Product

Communication Cards are used as a form of communication that allows the wearer to support themselves and let people around them know how they are experiencing life at any given moment.

They come with a lanyard and can be worn around the neck as needed, supporting communication and easing tensions throughout the day.

Introducing Fabic Behaviour Specialist Clinic

Welcome to FABIC
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At Fabic we have a team of Behaviour Support Practitioners to support you

The FABIC Clinical team includes Behaviour Specialists and Behaviour Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech Therapists all offering Behavioural Therapy via their specialised modality and its scope of practice.

Get behaviour therapy support online, at your home or in-person at our Behaviour specialist clinics

Our services are available in Queensland at the Gold Coast, Brisbane and near Lismore in Northern New South Wales. Home visits and online sessions are our most popular choice for people looking to consult a behaviour therapist. Contact the clinic and book the service that best supports you.

Contact the clinic to make an appointment

Start your behaviour change. When you call the clinic we will ask you a few general questions about the services that you are looking for. If you already have funding options in place we will ask you about those too for a smooth and efficient process to get you started soonest.

Developed by specialist behaviour support practitioners

Videos and Audios for your headphones, Blogs and Articles, Quotes to print for around the home. Discover the extensive free resources Tanya and the FABIC team offer globally.

Stream behaviour therapy TV to your devices

Visit FABIC.TV to explore a library of Behaviour Support videos specifically designed for professionals in mental health, disability, education and the justice system (and beyond) and equally supportive for parents, carers and kids. Video series and singular episodes are now available to purchase for you or your organisation.

Self-paced eLearning with Tanya Curtis behaviour change specialist

Explore FABIC Study and discover a growing library of learning resources for professionals, carers and educators. FABIC Study’s courses are founded on FABIC’s highly successful Body Life Skills model. More than just theory, it is a living model designed to equip you and your organisation with the skills to master behaviour change principles and practice. 
Discover the vast array of behaviour change products. 

Clinical Services

Our behaviour support practitioners are here to support you.

Our team of Behaviour Support Practitioners include Behaviour Specialists, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Behaviour Counsellors. Read more about our clinical services below.

Behaviour Specialist

Whether you are experiencing extreme non-preferred or ‘just’ mild or moderate unwanted behaviours, we offer specialised clinical services for all who aim to identify the true root cause of why you or another are experiencing the behaviour in the first place.

Speech Pathology

The speech pathology service at FABIC is grounded in the understanding that difficulties communicating are blockages to the person’s true potential coming forth and being expressed. Once the blockage is addressed, the true ability to communicate will often emerge.


Our psychologists offer specialised clinical services for clients wanting to understand and change unwanted or non-preferred behaviour and support them to build strategies to truly enjoy their everyday life. We work with those with low-intensity unwanted behaviours right through to extreme high-intensity behaviours.

Occupational Therapy

FABIC Occupational Therapy sessions are fun and engaging; they support both children and adults of all ages to function more independently each day and develop a living quality that allows them to enjoy life and live their full potential.

Behaviour Counsellor

Behaviour counselling can support a person to develop the skills they need to respond to life and reach their full potential. FABIC’s behaviour counselling services can support others to develop the skills they need to respond to challenging life situations by supporting them to build responsibility, self-awareness and the practical skills needed.


The purpose of our assessments is never to compare one person with another, label or diagnose; rather, it is to utilise the results so that we are able to best support the client in their natural setting. The information sourced from the assessments can help ascertain the reason for non-preferred or unwanted behaviours being used.


FABIC’s Consultancy Services offer to support the development, implementation, training, monitoring, evaluating and modifications of behaviour change programs to any organisation or group that is seeking lasting behaviour change. Whether that be with human resources departments, on the ground staff and/or a group of people supporting behaviour change for one person, FABIC’s consultancy service can support.

Group Training Programs

Our training programs are designed for small groups of people who are experiencing similar challenges. To offer a supportive and cost-effective way of obtaining the same information you would normally get via six individual behaviour specialist consultations, participants are given the opportunity to access similar information in a small group over a block period of workshop-style presentations.

Staff Mentoring

The FABIC staff mentoring program has been designed to support carers, staff, work colleagues and supervisors to implement strategies based on the Body Life Skills program to support the understanding and changing of non-preferred behaviour in a client’s natural environment. And the best way to do this is to train the staff to do so.

Client Experiences


Claim Professional Development Points with FABIC.tv

Each episode on FABIC.tv comes with an optional multiple choice assessment and certificate of completion that can be used for professional development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short – all of us. Why?

  • We all use behaviours we would prefer not to use
  • We have often tried to change this behaviour, many times unsuccessfully so
  • With understanding we can bring lasting behaviour change to ANY behaviour

Thus FABIC’ Body Life Skills program when used effectively will support any child, teenager and/or adult who is ready and willing to bring understanding to their own or any other person’s behaviour … with understanding we will bring lasting change

FABIC is able to offer the following funding options:

  • Medicare
  • Private Health
  • NDIS (please refer to our NDIS Support page, a whole section dedicated to the National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Visit our FABIC funding options page to find out more.

FABIC’s main clinic is located at Carrara on the Gold Coast (exit 72 off the Pacific Highway between Nerang and Worongary). FABIC also has satellite clinics in Brisbane and Lismore where some of the FABIC practitioners are available at specific times during the year. Please visit FABIC’s contact page for more information. Although based on the Gold Coast, Zoom (video conferencing via the internet) and telephone allow FABIC to provide clinical services both Nationally and Internationally. FABIC staff are also available to present workshops and provide consultancy services at your location. Please contact FABIC for further information. Please note: Medicare rebates are not able to be claimed for skype/phone sessions.

The cost of a session with one of FABIC’s clinicians varies depending on which clinician you are working with and what type of funding you have. For more information please contact the admin team.

No you do not. FABIC services are offered in a number of different formats, including in clinic, zoom, telephone and on-site. For more details around how FABIC can best support you please contact the admin team today.


Our team of Behaviour Support Practitioners is available to support you with lasting behaviour change today. Sessions are available online via Telehealth or in-person. Call the clinic on +61755305099 or get in touch via the contact form and one of the FABIC Admin Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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