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Therapy Options for Autism (ASD)

Fabic has been supporting those diagnosed with autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their family, carers and teachers for over 20 years. Discover everything Fabic has to offer those with autism and the people supporting them.

What is ASD?

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About Fabic and Autism

At Fabic we support long-lasting behaviour change to stop and prevent common issues like ASD meltdowns, ASD tantrums, hitting, yelling, autism burnout and more.

Tanya Curtis, Founder and Managing Director at Fabic, is a Senior Behavior Specialist who holds as a foundation that behaviour is what people do and not who they are. Thus, at the core of each and every person is an awesome, amazing, lovable being.

As well as being a Behaviour Specialist, Tanya is also a Counsellor, Author, Clinical Supervisor and the Founding Director of Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre.

Tanya’s professional qualifications include:

  • Master of Behaviour Management
  • Master of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management)
  • Associate Diploma of Education
Fabic Autism Poster by Tanya Curtis
No unwanted behaviour happens out of the blue – every behaviour has a trigger. Getting to know those common moments that challenge people with autism can be the first step towards supporting those with an ASD. If you know someone who is displaying autism spectrum disorder symptoms, this chart could support with understanding and lasting behaviour change. Download your free copy and join our mailing list.

Online Autism Video Course

What is it like to have autism? Can you support someone with autism if you don’t understand how they are experiencing and processing the world?

The Fabic online autism course offers unique insight to those with ASD, as well as professionals, family members, carers, teachers and the wider community who live alongside them, an invaluable toolkit.

Over the years we have seen thousands of families of autistic people benefit from one-on-one behavior support, so it’s wonderful to now be able to offer this online autism course with everything we teach in our clinical rooms being available anywhere, anytime.

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“My 12 year old child has ADHD and High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. Tanya helped me and my child to break down our days into easily achievable tasks with her simple processes. Tanya has given him tools with which to interact with others. This has helped him to gain and maintain friends for the first time ever. I have had a lot of interactions with different sorts of ‘HELP’ for my son, but feel that Tanya really understands where his head is at and where mine is too! Thanks for your caring Tan.”

Behaviour Specialist Consultation


Using the Body Life Skills Program with Autism

Diagnoses of autism are becoming ever more prevalent and many, if not most of us, know a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, whether in our family, in the workplace, educational settings or in the community.

The Body Life Skills approach understands that all unwanted behaviour is a result of anxiety first. Thus, unwanted behaviours, words, thoughts or feelings are a result of a person perceiving they do not yet have the skills to respond to what life has presented.

The Body Life Skills Program has been taught to hundreds of individuals, families, carers, organisations, workplaces, schools and institutions and has seen thousands of clients transform in their ability to respond positively to the world around them. Sign up for the autism online video program, take a look at the book series and download the Body Life Skills app.

Autism Beyond The Label Fabic Website
Play Video about Autism Spectrum Disorder Beyond The Label

Using NDIS Funding with FABIC

For people on the autism spectrum, ASD or PDD-NOS, Fabic has a wide offering of support, much of which falls under the NDIS supported services categories for approved NDIS participants.

Fabic is an NDIS Registered Provider. The below listed services are available for those whom the NDIS have assessed as meeting their criteria for funding. These services are available via telehealth or face-to-face where location permits:

  • NDIS Behaviour Support with Behaviour Specialist Consultations
  • NDIS Behaviour Counselling Consultations
  • NDIS Psychology and Provisional Psychology Consultations
  • NDIS Speech Pathology
  • NDIS Occupational Therapy Consultations

The FABIC main office is on the Gold Coast, with satellite offices in Brisbane, Lismore, Flagstone, Beaudesert and the Tweed Shire. You can find out more about FABIC and getting ready for the NDIS.

Behaviour Change and ASD

If you, or a person you know, has ASD or a suspicion of autism, it is often helpful to find out how to support with the various behaviours that might present. Just like neurotypical people, those with autism can present as very, very different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Behavioural change therapy offers support for many different aspects of life with autism:

  • Socialisation
  • ASD driven expressive communication patterns – these can vary from low functioning autism through to high functioning autism
  • Repetitive communication
  • Auditory memory improvement
  • and much more

At FABIC we treat autism as a unique cultural experience, one that needs to be understood so that those with autism can feed confident to live in and communicate with the world around them.

Find out more about our Behaviour Change Support for those with ASD.


At FABIC Disability Support Workers are called FABIC Life Skills Developers (FLSD), they specialise in providing support for people (teammates) to learn and develop life skills, which increase their independence and capacity in a range of areas of life according to their requirements. 

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