About The Body Life Skills App

An app to support effective and lasting behaviour change

The Body Life Skills app offers a practical everyday application of the Fabic Body Life Skills program to bring about lasting behaviour change for people of all ages.

We all use behaviours we would prefer not to use … and thus, we all use unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, albeit in varying forms and intensity. 

Download the app today to get support for effective and lasting behavior change

The app allows you to:

  • Implement the Body Life Skills program in your own life, supporting lasting behaviour change for yourself or any other person.
  • Learn to increase your understanding of your own behaviours, words, thoughts and or feelings.
  • Learn to increase your understanding of other people’s behaviours, words, thoughts and/or feelings.
  • Learn to develop skills to respond to situations and life challenges you perceive you are not completely equipped to respond to yet.
  • Learn to develop the skills to respond to life, bringing the opportunity for lasting behaviour change.

What you will find in this app

  • Your own library of personalised and completed Behaviour Scales for yourself and your family (if in a home setting); for your students (if in a school); for your colleagues (if in a workplace); for your clients (if in a clinical setting) or any other setting.
  • The Fabic library of completed Behaviour Scale examples to use as a guide when completing your own or other people’s Behaviour Scale.
  • Your own library of completed I Choose Charts that will assist you to learn and/or teach new skills to respond to the parts of life that you or others have previously perceived you/they were not yet equipped to respond to.
  • The Fabic library of completed I Choose Charts provides a number of examples of already completed I Choose Charts based on commonly experienced aspects of life that many perceive they do not yet have the required skills to respond to. These Fabic charts can also serve as a teaching tool and example to assist when completing your own personalised I Choose Charts.

Tutorial Videos

For more about the Body Life Skills app, including support and tips on how to use it, check out the links below

Download the app today to get support for effective and lasting behavior change

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