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Unwanted behaviour and behaviour change – do you support others or are you making behaviour change yourself?

Renowned Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis presents Fabic.study – work at your own pace and learn the Body Life Skills program, the acclaimed breakthrough when it comes to turning short-term behaviour change into lasting behaviour change.

Fabic.Study Courses


Short Course – An Introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

36 lessons | $130.00


Fabic Certificate of Behaviour Studies using the Body Life Skills Program


Fabic Certificate of Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change


Fabic Certificate of Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) – A Practical Application


Fabic Certificate of Autism Studies

Online E-learning out now:
An Introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

What’s this course about?

This course is for everyone engaged or interested in changing non-preferred or unwanted behaviour, whether as a professional or when supporting a family member, friend or oneself.

We all use behaviours that we would prefer not to be using and this course offers simplicity and understanding to frequently encountered situations – at home, at school, in the workplace, the justice system and the community at large.

The sixteen principles of behaviour change, as developed by Tanya Curtis, are covered as a foundation to further explore how the body experiences life through behaviours, words, thoughts and feelings.

‘Pictures and smashed pictures’, a term frequently used at Fabic, as well as the factor of ‘historic, current and future life’ are explained and everyday examples illustrate the role they play when a person escalates from code blue (settlement ) all the way to code red (meltdown).

The Fabic Behaviour/Anxiety Scale and I Choose Chart are introduced as indispensable tools for supporting a person to communicate what they perceive they are not yet equipped to respond to and to make sure that all members of a team supporting a person with non-preferred or unwanted behaviour are on the same page.

The Body Life Skills program has been the last resort for many who had all but given up on changing unwanted behaviour and this short course offers a great entry point into the world of lasting behaviour change.


Is this course for me?

We all use behaviours that we would prefer not to be using – so yes, this course is for all.

Fabic behaviour change courses go beyond behaviour management and address lasting behaviour change. They are for parents and carers, educators and mental health professionals, for young and old alike. The courses are delivered in simple, everyday language with many examples and offer insight into the art and science of understanding and changing behaviour, no matter the intensity. A person’s behaviour is always a communication about how they are perceiving life and can provide an insight into what skills are needed to master yet another life lesson.

Parents and Guardians

Often being at the frontline and in the firing line when it comes to non-preferred or unwanted behaviour, the Body Life Skills program offers answers and support well beyond short-term fixes and band aid solutions. Understanding that anxiety precedes unwanted behaviour already goes a long way to finding the way out of what can otherwise be perceived as an intractable and hopeless situation.

Fabic Mental Health Workers

Mental Health Workers

Understanding and judgment can’t co-exist, and without understanding there is no possibility for lasting behaviour change. This is where the Body Life Skills program comes to the rescue and supports professionals to broaden their understanding – of themselves, their clients and the behaviours they are presented with.

Children and Teenagers

There are many lessons in our classroom of life and when not mastered, they keep repeating and are re-presented, day in and day out. These behaviour therapy courses offer support for professionals working with young people especially in the areas of behaviour change, autism, social skills development, mental wellness, confidence, independence and increased capacity. 


Teachers and Educators

Integrating lasting behaviour change practices into the curriculum is the best way for schools, staff and students alike who want to get on with the job of teaching and learning while supporting each other to live their full potential.
Autism courses will soon be released by Fabic online. You can subscribe here to stay up to date with what’s new.

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