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Introducing our sister site FABIC TV – a dedicated platform providing an extensive library of Behaviour Support videos authored by world leading Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis, suitable not just for professionals in the disability, mental health and education sectors and the justice system but for care givers and young adults as well.

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Behaviour change, for yourself and others alike, presented in a way that supports understanding and offers LASTING behaviour change.

**Many of the links on this page will take you to our sister site Fabic TV where you can purchase complete series and single episodes. To return to the main Fabic website simply close the new tab that has opened, or on mobile, press the back button.**

Available: Body Life Skills

fabictv foundations

Available: Fabic Foundations 101

fabic tv sunlight ink

Available: Sunlight Ink Children’s Series

autism series

Available: Autism Spectrum Disorder

lasting behaviour change series

Available: Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change

Fabic Mental Wellness Series

Available: Mental Wellness

Lasting Behaviour Change – At last!

Based on the Fabic Body Life Skills program as developed by Tanya Curtis, these courses cover Behaviour Change, Functional Behaviour Assessment, Autism Skills training and much more.

Available always, wherever you are

No matter where you are and what device you use, Fabic.tv is only ever a keystroke away.

Our pricing is simple and adaptable to your needs

These specialised behaviour change videos come as complete series or can be purchased episode by episode to build your library over time.


Complete Series

This industry leading professional as well as personal development series covers Fabic Foundations 101, the Body Life Skills program, Functional Behaviour Assessment, Autism and more and is presented by Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis.


Single Episodes

This comprehensive range of presentations allows you to build your own video library and covers all aspects of mental health and wellbeing – from perfectionism and seeking feedback to depression and anxiety; from eating disorders to self-mastery; from supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Functional Behaviour Assessment. And then there is more…

Featured releases at Fabic.tv

Fabic Foundations 101

When you hear the word ‘classroom’, you might think of school or other education facilities. But what if we are all living and moving in the classroom called life – all day and every day! And what if there are endless life lessons on offer all of the time?

As a series of standalone presentations, Fabic Foundations 101 covers topics that concern us all, from perfectionism and seeking feedback to bullying and beyond. Presented by industry leading Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis, each episode is designed to support increased mental wellness, life skills and interpersonal relationships that are enriching.

fabictv foundations

Body Life Skills: A living model for lasting behaviour change

The Body Life Skills program, developed by world renowned Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis, has been the last resort for many who had all but given up on behaviour change. This series supports a person to firstly identify the part/s of life they perceive they don’t yet have the skills to respond to and then learn to master the skills needed to respond and not react to that part of life.

The Body Life Skills program assists with lasting behaviour change and is for all, whether you are a mental health professional, an educator, a parent, carer, friend or community member.

Children’s Video Books, supporting life skills and behaviour change

Based on the Sunlight Ink Children’s Series, written by Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis and beautifully illustrated by Désirée Delaloye, these books are now available as videos.

Topics as far-reaching as body positivity, emotional regulation and personal responsibility are introduced and every message brings a depth of shared wisdom as well as parenting and daily living tips.

To make her job as a behaviour specialist redundant is one of Tanya’s foremost prerogatives and these children’s video books are her offer for young and old alike. When the principal messages in these books are lived, lasting behaviour change and living confidently and free of anxiety are no longer wishful thinking.

fabic tv sunlight ink
autism series

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Complete Series

Diagnoses of autism are becoming ever more prevalent and many, if not most of us, know a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, whether in our family, in the workplace or in the community.

Fabic’s Autism series offers professionals, family members, carers and staff, teachers and the wider community insight and an invaluable toolkit to support a person with an ASD more confidently. Based on understanding and the knowing that judgment and lasting behaviour change cannot exist together, the Body Life Skills program is the way forward to support all to reach their full potential.

Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change Series

A series of 11 episodes that bring focus to skills building with a combination of theory and the practical skills for lasting behaviour change.

lasting behaviour change series
Fabic Mental Wellness Series

Mental Wellness Series

13 episodes that bring focus to living a level of solid mental wellness, the opposite of what is commonly labeled as mental illness.

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