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A team of dedicated specialists

FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre consists of a world-leading team of experts and specialists in the fields of Behaviour Change, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and the general mental health field.

FABIC is equipped and renowned for handling even the toughest of cases since 2006 and has successfully transformed many lives so individuals, families and organisations are experiencing a changed quality of life.

FABIC also has a dedicated administration team which supports not only the FABIC staff but equally the clients from the moment they phone or enter the clinic until the final goodbye. We make sure everyone is supported to be the amazing person they naturally are and can bring to the world.



Administration Manager

Kyzita brings presence, vitality and a wealth of administration and customer service experience to her role, together with a love for people and supporting others. Her focus, attention to detail and willingness to learn are crucial parts of her toolbox that go with her wherever she goes. She will follow up, get to the bottom of things, find a way around the seemingly trickiest conundrums and offer simplicity instead. Kyzita is the proverbial breath of fresh air.

Kyzita’s focus is making the flow of administration services as smooth as possible while creating a warm and welcoming environment for all clients at FABIC.


Tanya R Curtis

FABIC Founder and Director, Head of Clinical Team
Behaviour Specialist, Presenter, Author, Course Facilitator, Products Developer
Tanya Curtis comes with a wealth of clinical experience, academic qualifications and an innate wisdom in the fields of Behaviour Change, Mental Health, Disability and Education.


Speech Pathologist, Products Developer

Kathryn is FABIC’s senior Speech Pathologist and has extensive experience working across the range of general speech pathology practice and particularly in the field of disability and autism.  


Provisional Psychologist, Behaviour Counsellor & Behaviour Support Practitioner

Emily is a registered provisional psychologist offering a behaviour focused approach and counselling.

Emily brings focus to supporting all to increase their skills to respond to life, increase independence and capacity, increase quality of life and supports ALL to step closer to living and reaching their full potential every single day.


Psychologist, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Joss is a registered psychologist who takes a client centred approach to behavioural change.

Joss applies the FABIC Functional Behavioural Assessment Model, as well as Psychometric Assessments to ensure that clients have the opportunity and support to build consistency in how they respond to life’s events.

The Body Life Skills program correlates with Joss’ own lived experiences, that everyone and anyone is capable of making behavioural shifts in their life, and often just require the skills and commitment to do so.


Behaviour Counsellor, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Through a lifelong love of working with people, observing their behaviours and being fascinated by the underlying causes, Julie’s completion of a Counselling Diploma and 14 years’ experience working in the education system, both primary and secondary, sees her well equipped to support with long-lasting behaviour change.


Occupational Therapist, Behaviour Support Practitioner

Annie teaches people of all ages skills for daily living, be it handwriting and fine motor skills, social skills or understanding emotions and behaviours of themselves and others. 

Annie supports individuals, their caregivers and support team to build independence in the home, school/workplace and community environments. 


Behaviour Clinican

Sean is dedicated to foster positive behavioural changes in individuals.

With a holistic approach, Sean prioritises to establish trust, active listening, and empathetic understanding to empower individuals to reach their full potential. Through the Body Life Skills program, he supports addressing underlying factors contributing to behavioural patterns. Through his steadfast approach he supports individuals’ mental health and well-being.


Behaviour Counsellor

Samantha has a long history of supporting people considered vulnerable, including but not limited to those with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, behavioural challenges and mental health concerns.

Samantha has been involved in running and setting up successful community projects and has had many years’ experience in the health and social care sector, coaching and supporting others to live and reach their full potential.


Behaviour Counsellor and FLSD Service Co-ordinator

Michael is a qualified behaviour counsellor who offers support to all to increase their understanding, ability and skills to respond to life differently.

With many years experience supporting people from all backgrounds, Michael brings focus to providing a safe and supportive space for people to take steps toward lasting behaviour change, increased independence, greater capacity and to move toward their full potential.



FLSD Service Co-ordinator and Behaviour Counsellor

Michael is a qualified and experienced Registered Manager of Health and Social Care Services in the community and people’s own homes. He is passionate about high-quality personalised care and support that meet people’s specific requirements. This includes the application of the FABIC Body Life Skills Program in all settings to truly support a deeper and yet simple way of understanding behaviour and provide support for lasting behaviour change as part of an all-encompassing approach to caring for all people equally.



Client Services and Administration

Rebekah is enriched by love and holds a deep connection to humanity and purpose. Rebekah has worked with FABIC since 2016, completing a Certificate III in Business and managing administration services. Rebekah writes behaviour assessments and reports for Behaviour Specialist, Tanya Curtis, whilst overseeing the flow of administration processes.

At present, Rebekah is working towards attaining a Bachelor of Counselling university degree to offer clinical services with FABIC in the future.


Client Services and Administration

Ally brings her love and an ever-willingness to learn and grow into her role at FABIC.

She began working at FABIC in 2021, engaging in a School Based Apprenticeship for her Certificate III in Business. She now works full time in administration, supporting FABIC from the roots up and learning valuable life lessons every single day.


Client Services and Administration


Accountancy and Finance

With over 30 years in Accountancy, Business and Finance, Susan has worked within national and international companies, holding many company directorships and management positions — mostly whilst managing and operating her own and others’ businesses since 1999. Today she runs her own Accountancy and Business Consultancy practice, supporting people and businesses like FABIC with their business, tax and finance affairs that range in size and diversity across many industries locally, nationally and internationally.

Susan knows that life is about supporting and developing people first; our relationships with everyone and everything are key to true health and wellbeing and that includes a healthy relationship with money, finances, tax and accounts. Simplicity is key for Susan and she is an advocate for de-mystifying and simplifying any complexities so they are relatable and easy to understand.



IT Manager

Rowan has worked in a number of industries including telecommunications, mobile provisioning, facilities management, incident management, digital publishing, web development and administration. All of these roles required attention to detail, compassion, understanding, technical knowledge, a willingness to learn and adapt and most importantly connecting with people on a daily basis and Rowan brings all of this and more to his current role.

Rowan’s passion for helping others and truly connecting with those he interacts with, as well as his interest in problem solving and bringing simplicity to life allows him to support the team no matter the task.

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