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Classroom of Life vs Curriculum Based Classroom 1

Classroom of Life vs Curriculum-Based Classroom

There is a FABIC calendar called ‘Messages from the Classroom of Life’ which alone exemplifies that there is much, much more to learn in life ...
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Going Beyond the Label

Autism Spectrum – Going Beyond the Label

Tanya Curtis has been working in the field of disability and with Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2002 and sees autism as a description of a ...
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What are the Fabic Products how did they come about

What Are the FABIC Products and How Did They Come About?

There are many, many FABIC products that people can take home or order online that will assist them and the person they are supporting to ...
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Make My Job Redundant

Making My Job Redundant

Tanya Curtis has always said that one of her most important jobs is to make her job redundant. And that is equally true for the ...
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Building Foundations Test 750

Building Foundations

When hearing the phrase ‘building foundations’, we might be reminded of a house and how important it is that any built structure, from the family ...
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