Making My Job Redundant

Tanya Curtis has always said that one of her most important jobs is to make her job redundant. And that is equally true for the entire team at FABIC and the work they do.

Why would FABIC clinicians want to make sure that their job becomes redundant?

Simple – if a client has attended and paid for a session and they don’t walk away with a greater level of independence in regard to the issue they came to see their practitioner for, then they have been short-changed. As far as the FABIC philosophy is concerned, the clinician has not kept their part of the bargain, has not come to the party.

How would Tanya Curtis and the FABIC clinicians make sure that their job becomes redundant?

Simple and straightforward again – what clients and their support staff, be they parents, guardians, carers, partners, work colleagues or school staff, get to experience is that they become the expert, they become the behaviour specialist. FABIC is about understanding and changing behaviour and when that is applied to an individual, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and go, ‘Aha, that is what the behaviour is about’.

And because all behaviour is preceded by anxiety, preceded by a person perceiving they are not yet equipped to respond to what is in front of them, the next question then is, ‘What skills are needed to equip the person so they have the skills to respond (and not react!) to what life has presented? How do we support a person’s commitment to life and their willingness and ability to take on their unique life lessons?’

And thus, when Tanya Curtis says that it is her job “to give everybody the awareness to do my job”, it means that she is no longer needed as the behaviour specialist in that person’s life or with a particular skill that person requires to negotiate a life a lesson.

But then again – there is a difference between being needed and being wanted and thus the many, many clients over the many years of clinical practice who will unequivocally state that they had all but given up on behaviour change.

That is, until they heard of FABIC and got to experience for themselves that lasting behaviour change is not a myth, not wishful thinking or a distant dream but possible, very practical and within everybody’s reach.


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