Speech Pathology

The way we communicate is super important to how we experience life. Poor communication leads to numerous problems and can affect ones relationships and overall experience of life.

In the following articles, we make Speech Pathology a very real, every-day subject with simple tips and techniques you can apply to support yourself or another with improving their ability to communicate.

Fabic Blog Speech Pathology How it can support you

How can Speech Pathology support adults?

We offer a brief summary of the areas in which speech pathologists can support adults with their communication, swallowing and speech
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Fabic Blog Waiting For The First Words

Waiting for the First Words…

The milestone for a child's first words is 12 months. So what does it mean if your child has not begun speaking by then?
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Fabic Blog Speech Pathology When To Inventervene

Talking Sense: When to intervene in the development of my child’s speech?

How do we know when is the ‘right time’ to intervene in our children’s speech development or when do we leave our children to develop?
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Fabic Autism Sppech Pathology Services

Autism Speech Pathology Services at Fabic

Fabic provides services to many children on the autism spectrum to support them and their families to understand and develop speech skills
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Fabic Blog Speech Pathology Children

How can Speech Pathology support children?

Speech pathologists, as the name suggests, work with children who have trouble producing speech sounds correctly.
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