Behaviour Specialist

How does a Behaviour Specialist see and approach life and the various situations within it? How can behaviour change be so simple and practical?

In the articles that follow Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis shares insights from how she approaches life, breaking down many situations we may see as complex or difficult in simple everyday occurrences.


Dis-Ability or Diff-Ability

Tanya Curtis shares her experiences of treating those with disabilities and how she sees everyone as equally the same, disability or not.
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Mental Health Burnout … at epidemic proportions and no end in sight

Tanya R Curtis examines the impact of burnout, anxiety and stress among mental health professionals and the impact of it on society.
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Classroom of Life vs Curriculum Based Classroom 1

Classroom of Life vs Curriculum-Based Classroom

There is a FABIC calendar called ‘Messages from the Classroom of Life’ which alone exemplifies that there is much, much more to learn in life ...
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What are the Fabic Products how did they come about

What Are the FABIC Products and How Did They Come About?

There are many, many FABIC products that people can take home or order online that will assist them and the person they are supporting to ...
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Make My Job Redundant

Making My Job Redundant

Tanya Curtis has always said that one of her most important jobs is to make her job redundant. And that is equally true for the ...
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Building Foundations Test 750

Building Foundations

When hearing the phrase ‘building foundations’, we might be reminded of a house and how important it is that any built structure, from the family ...
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Fabic Blog Life Is One Big Classroom

Life Is One Big Classroom

What if every moment in life is an opportunity to learn and thus every movement of every day we are in the classroom of life?
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Fabic Blog Respond React

To Respond or To React?

We have a choice in every moment to either respond or react to the situation before us. Both are polar opposite in their effects on ...
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Fabic Blog Classroom of Life

The Classroom of Life

We often limit learning to a classroom, school or educational institution but what if every moment of every day is an opportunity to learn?
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Fabic Blog Here We Go Again New Year Resolutions

And Here We Go Again!

With a new year, comes a new cycle and new opportunity for growth and learning. How will you maximise the opportunities on offer?
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Fabic Blog Winter And Our Mental Health

Winter and our Mental Health

Do you like winter? Tanya Curtis looks at the impact of winter on our mental health providing five ways to keep the winter blues at ...
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Fabic Blog What are unwanted behaviours

What are unwanted behaviours?

FABIC is dedicated to supporting the understanding and change of our unwanted behaviours... but what exactly is an unwanted behaviour?
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Fabic Blog Difference Between Relief and Root Cause

The difference between seeking relief and addressing the root cause

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis introduces the difference between seeking relief from an issue and addressing the root cause.
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Fabic Blog What Is A Behaviour Specialist

What Is A Behaviour Specialist?

Tanya Curtis describes working as a Behaviour Specialist, how this approach differs to psychology and introduces the Body Life Skills program
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Fabic Blog Interview with Cassie Clouser

Tanya Curtis Interview with Cassie Clouser

In this interview Tanya Curtis offers insight into the Fabic philosophy and how it can support with true and lasting behaviour change
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Fabic Blog Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Most at some point in their lives have tried to change their eating patterns without success. We examine what the root cause of this may ...
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Fabic Blog Eating Disorders

Tanya Curtis on Eating Disorders

In this interview Tanya gives insight into the reasons why people develop eating disorders, and how she supports them.
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