Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is becoming an increasing common mental health issue affecting more and more people across various areas of society from families and caregivers to schools and work places and wider community settings.

Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder tend to see and interact with the world differently from most and these articles will assist in how you can support someone with a spectrum disorder.


Dis-Ability or Diff-Ability

Tanya Curtis shares her experiences of treating those with disabilities and how she sees everyone as equally the same, disability or not.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Going Beyond the Label

Autism Spectrum – Going Beyond the Label

Tanya Curtis has been working in the field of disability and with Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2002 and sees autism as a description of a ...
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Fabic Blog I Heart Handwriting

I heart handwriting

Learning to write can be difficult for some children with undue stress and tension experienced. We share some supportive tips.
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Fabic Blog Fussy Feeders

Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders

Is your child fussy about their food or presenting with eating issues? We examine what may be causing this and what may support your child.
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Fabic Blog What Is Occupational Therapy

How Occupational Therapy and Psychology Can Support Improved Mental Health and Well-being

We share how you can support yourself or a loved one experiencing a mental health issue and fully utilise the support available at Fabic.
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Fabic Blog Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Most at some point in their lives have tried to change their eating patterns without success. We examine what the root cause of this may ...
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Fabic Blog Now Offering Occupational Therapy

Fabic is Now Offering Occupational Therapy

Fabic welcomes Occupational Therapist, Annie Tran to the team and shares what services she offers to children and adults.
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Fabic Autism Sppech Pathology Services

Autism Speech Pathology Services at Fabic

Fabic provides services to many children on the autism spectrum to support them and their families to understand and develop speech skills
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Fabic Blog Speech Pathology Children

How can Speech Pathology support children?

Speech pathologists, as the name suggests, work with children who have trouble producing speech sounds correctly.
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