For many of us, anxiety, whether we are aware of the fact or not, dominates much of our behaviours and generally has enormous effects on our overall health and well being. Often this leads to unwanted behaviours or patterns in our life. Healing and dealing with this anxiety is therefore a crucial part of achieving lasting behaviour change.

In this section we give practical examples of what it is can look like to reduce the impact of anxiety throughout various aspects of life.

Teaching Kids to Ask for Help

Teaching Kids and Teens to Ask for Help at School

We often don’t think of asking for help as a skill that needs to be taught. in reality people of all ages can find it ...
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Are expression and anxiety related?

Tanya Curtis explores the relationship between expression and anxiety, highlighting how they are both intrinsically linked.
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Cyber-bullying – is it really our new normal?

Tanya R Curtis examines the impact cyber bullying has on our mental health and wellbeing and the action needed by governments to combat it.
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Being a man – anxious much?

Tanya R Curtis explores how most men experience anxiety when expressing from their sensivity and shares ways we can support men with this.
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Fabic Blog Anxiety Adaptability Covid19

Anxiety and Adaptability during Covid-19

Anxiety is a world epidemic, impacting our quality of life which has only exacerbated since COVID-19. Many may ask why has this occurred?
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Fabic Blog Anxiety Wellness Are They Related

Anxiety and Wellness – are they related?

Are anxiety and wellness related? Yes absolutely! Anxiety has a huge impact on the quality of our day to life. But where does it come ...
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Fabic Blog Anxiety And Being A Man

Anxiety and BEING a Man

Most men are anxious on some level yet that is rarely what they seek support for. Do our men feel safe to express what they ...
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Fabic Blog Travelling Terrors

Travelling Terrors – Can We Avoid Them?

Holidays and travelling appear a great idea and, for many, it is all smooth sailing. However, for others it is an absolute nightmare. Why?
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Fabic Blog Impact Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism – The Hidden Epidemic

Is perfectionism affecting your child? Do you even know the signs? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis gives us the low down.
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Fabic Blog Children And Anxiety

Children and Anxiety

Anxiety in children is often unrecognised and misunderstood, yet it is affecting many children on different levels of intensity.
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Fabic Blog Little Runner aways

Little Runaways

We examine how do you deal with children who are misbehaving in public places and explore why this behaviour may be happening.
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Fabic Blog Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Most at some point in their lives have tried to change their eating patterns without success. We examine what the root cause of this may ...
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Fabic Blog Eating Disorders

Tanya Curtis on Eating Disorders

In this interview Tanya gives insight into the reasons why people develop eating disorders, and how she supports them.
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