Fabic Blog Interview with Cassie Clouser

Tanya Curtis Interview with Cassie Clouser

In this warm and engaging interview with Cassie Clouser from Ohio U.S.A, Tanya Curtis covers a vast range of topics and offers great insight into the Fabic philosophy and how it can support with true and lasting behaviour change.

Interview Highlights

0:45 – 1:53: What are unwanted behaviours?

1:53 – 6:37: What is a behaviour specialist and how does this approach differ to psychology?

9:00 – 15:15: Applying the Body Life Skills program to support with perfectionism and issues with winning and losing.

15:45 – 17:00: What it means to be a teacher and a student of life as a mental health practitioner.

17:10 – 26:00: The importance of meeting the person for the awesome, amazing, loveable being that they are and not identifying or labelling them based on their behaviours.

26:00 – 32:30: Supporting people who are using extreme behaviours client example.

33:25 – 37:46: The Behaviour Scale, mental health conditions and the cycle of medication

38:00 – 43:00: Seeking relief from our symptoms vs understanding and healing the root cause

43:00 – 52:00: Understanding rules, pictures and smashed pictures and how they impact on us.

52:00 – End: The importance of micro-analysing life.


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