Behavioural Therapy

Virtually everyone has behaviours in life they do not prefer to be doing and would like to change. Be it from the small to the extreme, these behaviours impact us and the process of wanting to change or at the very least managing the behaviour is something many of us do unconsciously.

In the following articles we examine common, every day situations that many people encounter and share tips and insights to support with understanding and changing behaviours.

Teaching Kids to Ask for Help

Teaching Kids and Teens to Ask for Help at School

We often don’t think of asking for help as a skill that needs to be taught. in reality people of all ages can find it ...
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Are expression and anxiety related?

Tanya Curtis explores the relationship between expression and anxiety, highlighting how they are both intrinsically linked.
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Fabic Blog Celebrating You

Celebrating You!

Every single day is a day worth appreciating and valuing who we are and everything we offer and bring to the world.
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Fabic Blog Boxing Day Stress

Can we avoid ‘boxing’ on Boxing Day

Christmas is just around the corner … for many this is a very stressful time – but why? Should it not be a time to ...
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Fabic Blog how do I bring lasting change

How Do I Bring LASTING Behaviour Change?

We have all tried to change our behaviours at some point but often these are unsuccessful. Why is this so, and how can this be ...
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Fabic Blog Anxiety And Being A Man

Anxiety and BEING a Man

Most men are anxious on some level yet that is rarely what they seek support for. Do our men feel safe to express what they ...
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Fabic Blog Supporting Our Tweens

Supporting our Tweens

It may be hard to see sometimes, but at the core of our tweens is an awesome, amazing and lovable being, not the monster that ...
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Fabic Blog EOFY Review Reflect Appreciate

EOFY: Review, Reflect, Appreciate

The EOFY can be a stressful time for many. However what if this time is not only about finances but a time to review, reflect ...
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Fabic Blog Holiday Season Pros and Cons

Holiday Season: The Pros and Cons

Tanya Curtis examines why for some school holidays can be a time which brings a sense of anxiety, dread and lack of structure and purpose.
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Fabic Blog Travelling Terrors

Travelling Terrors – Can We Avoid Them?

Holidays and travelling appear a great idea and, for many, it is all smooth sailing. However, for others it is an absolute nightmare. Why?
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Fabic Blog Spring Clean Our Behaviours

Spring Clean Unwanted Behaviour Patterns

Have you ever considered spring cleaning your own behaviour patterns? We take a look at whats involved in changing your unwanted behaviours.
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism Is It Debilitating My Child

Perfectionism – is it debilitating my child?

What is perfectionism? Is it affecting you and your child? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis takes a look and reveals how harmful it is .
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Fabic Blog Effect of Competitiveness on Children

The Effects of Competitiveness for Children

What is the impact of competitiveness and comparison on a person's psychological wellbeing? Is it causing more damage than we realise?
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism and Behaviour Issues in Schools

Perfectionism and Behaviour Issues in Schools

What is perfectionism? Is it affecting you and your child? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis takes a look and reveals how harmful it is.
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Fabic Blog Mothers True Role

A Mother’s True Role

What is a mother’s true role? Is it to live up to the images of what it means to be a 'good' mother, or is ...
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Fabic Blog Foods and Moods

Foods and Moods

Do foods really impact our moods? Fabic Behaviour Specialist and Counselor Tanya Curtis looks into the correlation.
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Fabic Blog Sport Healing or Harming

Sport: Healing or Harming the Soul?

Our Australian culture is very much sports-based. How far is too far when it comes to promoting a sports-oriented culture within your home?
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