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Celebrating You!

What if every-day was worth celebrating … celebrating you?

Parties can be lots of fun — there is no doubt about that, but parties are often saved for that so-called special occasion.

But what if every day is worth celebrating … what if every day we celebrated you?

Too often we live in a way that lives for that ‘special day’ … today we will celebrate Jim because today is Jim’s birthday.

But why is Jim more special today then he was yesterday or that he will be tomorrow … just because it is his birthday?

What if Jim is special every single day … well he is … as are you … as is every person in this world … we are all special every single day; thus every day is worth celebrating you.

But what are we celebrating? Do we celebrate the grades a person gets, the job that they have done, the meal they have made or do we celebrate how good a person has been? No way hosé … what a person does may sometimes be great and sometimes not, but what a person does is never who they are.

A person is not special for what they do
A person is always special for who they are

We can celebrate:

  1. The love that shines from every single one of us every single day.
  2. The beauty-full soul that lives within us all.
  3. The joy that is there for oh so many.
  4. The gentleness that founds each true gentle-men and gentle-woman in this world.
  5. The fun, laughter, giggles and playfulness that each person brings to the world.
  6. The awesome, amazing and lovable being in us all.
  7. The unique way of being that only you can be.
You are one of kind and you are special just for being you … and by geez by gingo, you are so worth celebrating every single day.
Imagine a world where we celebrated you and every single person in this world, every single day …

celebrating you for just BEING you.


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