When it comes to behaviour change children are one area of life where many challenging or unwanted behaviours tend to surface the most. Particularly from the point of view of those raising the children who often want to change or ‘manage’ the behaviour of the child.

These articles provide practical, simple, relatable examples of how supporting, understanding and assisting children to be the loveable beings they truly are can be very simple to achieve.


Toddler Tantrums: Is my child just naughty … or are they anxious?

Tanya R Curtis explores why toddlers experience tantrums highlighting that there is a need for understanding of what they may be experiencing.
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your questions answered march 2019 750

Your Questions, Answered – 07

We look at two common issues - what to do when your kids don't like their homework? And how to manage differing parental values in ...
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Fabic Blog Your Questions Answered Jan 2019

Your Questions, Answered – 06

We answer two common issues - When to loosen the boundaries on kids as they grow up. And how to support kids with regular routines ...
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Fabic Blog Disagreements Your Questions Answered November 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 05

We examine a common issue within many couples - how to handle a disagreement in parental values between each other?
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Fabic Blog Screen Time You Questions Answered 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 04

We examine screen time and how as a parent you can ensure you are making the wise decision when it comes to managing time on ...
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Fabic Blog Your Questions Answered August 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 03

This month we examine why it is taboo to feel proud of your child when speaking to other parents. Is this feeling really true?
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Fabic Blog Your Questions Answered July 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 02

We examine the common situation for most parents - how to stop your kids asking for things when you are out shopping.
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Fabic Blog Changing Parental Relationships

Growing Up: Changing Parental Relationships

As children grow up their needs change and parents need to adapt and be responsive to what is needed. It is important to have no ...
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Fabic Blog I Heart Handwriting

I heart handwriting

Learning to write can be difficult for some children with undue stress and tension experienced. We share some supportive tips.
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Fabic Blog Mothering or Smothering

Mothering or Smothering?

Mothering and smothering. Two very similar words in annunciation but, by geez by gingo, their meanings are polar opposite!
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Fabic Blog Toilet Training

Tips to Support Understanding During Toilet Training

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis examines why toilet training can take forever for some to be successful and what can be done about it.
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Fabic Blog Holiday Season Pros and Cons

Holiday Season: The Pros and Cons

Tanya Curtis examines why for some school holidays can be a time which brings a sense of anxiety, dread and lack of structure and purpose.
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Fabic Blog Travelling Terrors

Travelling Terrors – Can We Avoid Them?

Holidays and travelling appear a great idea and, for many, it is all smooth sailing. However, for others it is an absolute nightmare. Why?
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism Is It Debilitating My Child

Perfectionism – is it debilitating my child?

What is perfectionism? Is it affecting you and your child? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis takes a look and reveals how harmful it is .
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Fabic Blog Effect of Competitiveness on Children

The Effects of Competitiveness for Children

What is the impact of competitiveness and comparison on a person's psychological wellbeing? Is it causing more damage than we realise?
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Fabic Blog Mothers True Role

A Mother’s True Role

What is a mother’s true role? Is it to live up to the images of what it means to be a 'good' mother, or is ...
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Fabic Blog Foods and Moods

Foods and Moods

Do foods really impact our moods? Fabic Behaviour Specialist and Counselor Tanya Curtis looks into the correlation.
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Fabic Blog Fussy Feeders

Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders

Is your child fussy about their food or presenting with eating issues? We examine what may be causing this and what may support your child.
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Fabic Blog Sport Healing or Harming

Sport: Healing or Harming the Soul?

Our Australian culture is very much sports-based. How far is too far when it comes to promoting a sports-oriented culture within your home?
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