Body Life Skills

The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user-friendly and life-changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change. The Body Life Skills program understands that all unwanted behaviour is a result of anxiety first.

These articles showcase examples of real life situations where key elements of the Body Life Skills program are being applied in action.

What are the Fabic Products how did they come about

What Are the FABIC Products and How Did They Come About?

There are many, many FABIC products that people can take home or order online that will assist them and the person they are supporting to ...
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Fabic Blog Your Questions Answered Jan 2019

Your Questions, Answered – 06

We answer two common issues - When to loosen the boundaries on kids as they grow up. And how to support kids with regular routines ...
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Fabic Blog Disagreements Your Questions Answered November 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 05

We examine a common issue within many couples - how to handle a disagreement in parental values between each other?
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Fabic Blog Your Questions Answered August 2018

Your Questions, Answered – 03

This month we examine why it is taboo to feel proud of your child when speaking to other parents. Is this feeling really true?
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Fabic Blog Changing Parental Relationships

Growing Up: Changing Parental Relationships

As children grow up their needs change and parents need to adapt and be responsive to what is needed. It is important to have no ...
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Fabic Blog Travelling Terrors

Travelling Terrors – Can We Avoid Them?

Holidays and travelling appear a great idea and, for many, it is all smooth sailing. However, for others it is an absolute nightmare. Why?
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Fabic Blog We Are All Amazing Beings

You are not your behaviours; seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they are

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis presents the importance of seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they naturally are.
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Fabic Blog Smashed Pictures

Rules, Pictures and Smashed Pictures

Tanya Curtis explains how 'rules', 'pictures' and 'smashed pictures' impact our lives, and how important understanding the impact of this is
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Fabic Blog Interview with Cassie Clouser

Tanya Curtis Interview with Cassie Clouser

In this interview Tanya Curtis offers insight into the Fabic philosophy and how it can support with true and lasting behaviour change
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Fabic Blog Death and Dying

Death, Grief and Children: how much do we share?

How open are we to children when it comes to death and dying? Do we share the whole truth, partial truth or withhold the truth?
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Fabic Blog Eating Disorders

Tanya Curtis on Eating Disorders

In this interview Tanya gives insight into the reasons why people develop eating disorders, and how she supports them.
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Fabic Blog Perceptions and Reinterpretations

Perceptions and Re-Interpretations: How are they are harming our lives?

All day every day we are sending and receiving messages from one person to another. Do we re-interpret these messages or are we fully open?
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Fabic Blog Honouring and Acknowledge vs Deny and Bury

Honour & Acknowledge vs Ignore & Bury

Life sometimes presents big challenges and sometimes small challenges. We often ignore and bury what we feel which affects our behaviour.
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Fabic Blog Smashed Pictures

Smashed Pictures

Smashed pictures are one of our greatest forms of anxiety and contribute greatly to all forms of behavioural deterioration
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Fabic Blog 3 simple steps to change behaviour

3 Simple Steps to Behaviour Change

People may think that changing their unwanted behaviour is an arduous and sometimes seemingly impossible process. By is this really true?
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