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5 Tips for Anyone Starting a Business

On Fabic’s 10th Birthday… founder and managing director Tanya Curtis reflects on what she has learnt in 10 years of business…

I began Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre 10 years ago with absolutely no business skills. A steep learning curve, yet an absolutely amazing process.

Fabic started in a shared office in February 2006 with me as the sole-practitioner, manager, bookkeeper, receptionist, marketer, cleaner, IT Expert (now that one is worth laughing about) – well in fact ‘I was the everything’.

Most of these roles I knew nothing about … I just knew that what I had to offer in my role as a Behaviour Specialist was needed!

Today I get to say I am one of the luckiest people around. Why? Because I love coming to work each day.

Coming to Fabic is like a kid going to a playground. I get to do what I love, I get to be me and I get to be with people I adore: my staff, contractors, colleagues and my clients. Who would have thought that work could be this enjoyable!

Below is 5 tips of what I have learnt in ten years of business:

  1. Acknowledge everyone’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. Never shy away from seeking support where support is needed
  3. Discern: Listen and learn from others but never give your power away
  4. Trust yourself, back yourself and know 100% that you always know what feels true and what doesn’t
  5. Have fun and bring playfulness into your work day

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