Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis is a Senior Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor, Author, Founder and Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre and FABIC Publishing. She is a leading authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder, developer of the Body Life Skills Program for lasting behaviour change and has in untold many cases been people’s last resort when they had all but given up.
Fabic Blog Sport Healing or Harming

Sport: Healing or Harming the Soul?

Our Australian culture is very much sports-based. How far is too far when it comes to promoting a sports-oriented culture within your home?
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Fabic Blog Tips For Anyone In Business

5 Tips for Anyone Starting a Business

As Fabic celebrates its 10th birthday Founder and Director Tanya Curtis reflects on what she has learnt during the years in business.
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Fabic Blog Number 1 Job

Do you know your Number 1 job?

Whatever your age, we all have jobs in life. But what is your number 1 job in life? Have you been living what that number ...
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Fabic Blog What are unwanted behaviours

What are unwanted behaviours?

FABIC is dedicated to supporting the understanding and change of our unwanted behaviours... but what exactly is an unwanted behaviour?
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Fabic Blog What Is Occupational Therapy

How Occupational Therapy and Psychology Can Support Improved Mental Health and Well-being

We share how you can support yourself or a loved one experiencing a mental health issue and fully utilise the support available at Fabic.
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Fabic Blog Impact Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism – The Hidden Epidemic

Is perfectionism affecting your child? Do you even know the signs? Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis gives us the low down.
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Fabic Blog Smashed Pictures

Playing By My Rules

From the outset of a baby being born they are confronted with rules and expectations. The question is, are these rules harming or supporting?
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Fabic Blog Difference Between Relief and Root Cause

The difference between seeking relief and addressing the root cause

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis introduces the difference between seeking relief from an issue and addressing the root cause.
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Fabic Blog What Is A Behaviour Specialist

What Is A Behaviour Specialist?

Tanya Curtis describes working as a Behaviour Specialist, how this approach differs to psychology and introduces the Body Life Skills program
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Fabic Blog Allowing Dads To Be Who They Are

Allowing Dads To Be Who They Are

What does the role of Dad ask men to be? What impact does this have on all fathers in the world? Are our expectations causing ...
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Fabic Blog We Are All Amazing Beings

You are not your behaviours; seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they are

Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis presents the importance of seeing people for the Awesome, Amazing, Loveable being that they naturally are.
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Fabic Blog Perfectionism Winning Losing

How to Support People with Perfectionism and Issues with Winning and Losing

Tanya Curtis shares how the Body Life Skills program can support those who are affected by perfectionism and issues with winning and losing.
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Fabic Blog Smashed Pictures

Rules, Pictures and Smashed Pictures

Tanya Curtis explains how 'rules', 'pictures' and 'smashed pictures' impact our lives, and how important understanding the impact of this is
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Fabic Blog Interview with Cassie Clouser

Tanya Curtis Interview with Cassie Clouser

In this interview Tanya Curtis offers insight into the Fabic philosophy and how it can support with true and lasting behaviour change
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Fabic Blog Children And Anxiety

Children and Anxiety

Anxiety in children is often unrecognised and misunderstood, yet it is affecting many children on different levels of intensity.
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Fabic Blog Little Runner aways

Little Runaways

We examine how do you deal with children who are misbehaving in public places and explore why this behaviour may be happening.
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Fabic Blog Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding The Root Cause of Eating Disorders

Most at some point in their lives have tried to change their eating patterns without success. We examine what the root cause of this may ...
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Fabic Blog Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Whilst sibling rivalry is socially accepted, it can lead to anxiety, conflict and tension. We share what the alternatives may be.
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Fabic Blog Death and Dying

Death, Grief and Children: how much do we share?

How open are we to children when it comes to death and dying? Do we share the whole truth, partial truth or withhold the truth?
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Fabic Blog What is Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

We explore what Occupational Therapy is, how it may support you or someone you know and the various funding options available
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Fabic Blog Eating Disorders

Tanya Curtis on Eating Disorders

In this interview Tanya gives insight into the reasons why people develop eating disorders, and how she supports them.
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Fabic Blog Now Offering Occupational Therapy

Fabic is Now Offering Occupational Therapy

Fabic welcomes Occupational Therapist, Annie Tran to the team and shares what services she offers to children and adults.
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Fabic Blog Saying Goodbye at School

Saying Goodbye at School… Harder for Child or Parents?

We examine how to deal with the tears and feelings of anxiety from the parents as they drop their child off at school for the ...
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