Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis is a Senior Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor, Author, Founder and Director of FABIC Behaviour Specialist Centre and FABIC Publishing. She is a leading authority on Autism Spectrum Disorder, developer of the Body Life Skills Program for lasting behaviour change and has in untold many cases been people’s last resort when they had all but given up.
Fabic Blog Business Awards 2014

Tanya Curtis Wins Business Achiever Award 2014

Tanya Curtis was honoured to be awarded the Business Achiever Award at the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards for 2014.
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Fabic Blog Does Lying To Children Impact Development

Does lying to our children impact on their development?

It is not uncommon for children to be lied to by their parents. These lies might seem minor but they have a big impact on ...
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Fabic Blog Sibling Rivarly New Born Baby

Supporting Siblings: A New Baby

How do I support my existing child to adapt and settle with the changes that come from having a new family member?
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Fabic Blog Dads and Daughters

Dads and Daughters

Puberty is a big time for father and daughter. Is it possible for this to be a supportive & loving time, rather than confusing & ...
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Fabic Blog getting a child to take responsibility

How can I get my child to take responsibility?

When it comes to parenting, there is a very big difference between being ‘strict’ and ‘teaching responsibility’.
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Fabic Blog Perceptions and Reinterpretations

Perceptions and Re-Interpretations: How are they are harming our lives?

All day every day we are sending and receiving messages from one person to another. Do we re-interpret these messages or are we fully open?
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Fabic Blog Honouring and Acknowledge vs Deny and Bury

Honour & Acknowledge vs Ignore & Bury

Life sometimes presents big challenges and sometimes small challenges. We often ignore and bury what we feel which affects our behaviour.
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Fabic Blog Smashed Pictures

Smashed Pictures

Smashed pictures are one of our greatest forms of anxiety and contribute greatly to all forms of behavioural deterioration
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Fabic Blog 3 simple steps to change behaviour

3 Simple Steps to Behaviour Change

People may think that changing their unwanted behaviour is an arduous and sometimes seemingly impossible process. By is this really true?
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