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What is Occupational Therapy?

In expanding our provision of clinical services, Fabic has recently welcomed Occupational Therapist Annie Tran to the team.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Simply put, Occupational Therapy (also known as OT) is an allied health profession that focuses on teaching skills for everyday living. The practice of Occupational Therapy can greatly vary according to the setting and clientele.

At Fabic, Annie offers sessions to children and adults of all ages who for whatever reason may be facing challenges carrying out their activities of daily living (ADLs).

These ADLs are commonly categorised under the following areas:

  • self-care
  • productivity (e.g. work school)
  • leisure and play
  • rest and sleep
Barriers to participation in these areas of life may be due to physical or cognitive challenges, developmental delay, ageing, injuries or surgery, and social and emotional issues. In these activities or areas of occupation, Occupational Therapy can assist to address issues at school, home or work which may be impacting on one’s day to day function.
These barriers may present as difficulty with:
  • daily routines e.g. morning and after school
  • social or play skills
  • achieving developmental milestones
  • sensory seeking or avoidance behaviours of certain textures, tastes, sounds, etc.
  • fine motor skills such as drawing, writing, scissor skills, tying shoe laces,
  • manipulating buttons/zips
  • engagement and learning in the classroom
  • transitioning between activities and settings, e.g. school to home, bed time routine
  • managing feelings and behaviours e.g. displaying meltdowns, stress or low mood
  • skills in standing, walking, running, sitting and/or hand-eye coordination
  • self-care activities such as dressing, grooming, showering, meal preparation, feeding
  • accessing the community and community participation e.g. vocational pathways
At Fabic, Annie offers a family-centred approach to assessment of a person’s functional capacity and customised interventions to achieve family-centred goals. This is achieved through supporting a person to learn new skills, modifying a task or activity and/or making changes to one’s environment, to enhance their level of functioning and safety.
Fabic’s Occupational Therapy sessions are fun and engaging, using modern and interactive play and therapy equipment. Annie can also visit your work, home, child’s school, preschool, childcare centre or kindergarten to obtain a clearer picture of you and/or your child in his/her natural environment.

This allows Annie to collaborate with family and teachers to better serve the needs of you and/or your child. Annie also provides support on adaptive equipment or environmental modifications that may support a person to function more independently each day.

Annie offers visits to homes and workplaces and other community settings to support adults to maximise their level of functioning in the daily activities that are meaningful to them.

For further information on Occupational Therapy services at Fabic or to make a booking, please contact the friendly team at Fabic.


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