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With over 15 years of presenting, supporting and sharing the deep understanding with human behaviour that she has, Tanya Curtis has built up an extensive collection of wisdom that we all can benefit from in one way or another. Who has not faced periods of perfectionism, depression or loss, anxiety, stress, relationship tensions or struggles, discontent and miscommunication throughout their life? It is part of modern human life to experience most if not all of these at some point in our life and the consequence of each is never beneficial or truly supportive for anyone.

Tanya brings it back to the core central truth of us all and that is that we are all equally Amazing, Awesome and Lovable beings not for what we have done necessarily, but plain and simply for who we truly are. It is simply a matter of re-learning to live that more in our lives again.

None of these conditions exist in our essence, so why do we have to let them dominate our lives?

So sit back, and watch and enjoy! We trust you will find what is shared supportive and enriching for your quality of wellbeing

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Social Skills - Exact vs Approximate

We all see the world differently and quite often these differing perspectives clash with each other in ways that create negative experiences for the other person. One such example is with those who view the world on an exact basis and those who view the world on an approximate basis. 

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Body Life Skills - Autism Spectrum Disorder

How can the Body Life Skills program help to understand and support a person with an ASD? 

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