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We are all Amazing Awesome Beings

I would not be the first to say that I have compared myself to others, and still sometimes do. Be it in their looks, complexion, choice of clothing, hair style, house, car, job, money, income, partner, family, even the family pet! Comparison is so seemingly normal that for many of us we do it without even realising we do and its impact is never beneficial for anyone.

What we don’t often realise when we compare is that we are putting another on a pedestal of admiration and in doing so making them seem greater than ourselves. In other words we are putting ourselves down without directly putting ourselves down!

There is a big difference between being inspired by how another chooses to live and comparing ourselves to how they live. Inspiration is choosing to see the potential within ourselves that by making such a choice in our own lives we could bring more of the amazing being we naturally are out to the world. Whereas comparison is wanting to be in the other’s shoes so to speak because we do not value ourselves and what we too bring and offer this world.

One of the core teachings of Fabic is that we are all amazing, awesome beings simply for being who we naturally are. It implies that our choices of behaviour do not always reflect this truth but it does not change the fact that each and every one of us has the potential to live that amazing awesomeness we are on the inside.

And with this teaching comes the fact that we are also all equal, no matter what our choices of behaviour have been in the past or are in the present.

What I have observed over the years is that people generally hold themselves in very low regard and tend to see what others do as somewhat better or greater than what they are able to do. Even if the person is obviously very highly skilled in something or can cook the most amazing meals ever, they still reckon that another is better, be it in the skill or in the lifestyle.

It’s a bit like everyone wants to be in everyone else’s shoes
but never in their own!

While we are not all perfect in all that we do, and never will be, this phenomenon nonetheless sounds like the fallout of perfectionism and the need we have to be perfect in what we do, whatever that perfectionism means for someone.

But that’s the thing … we will never ever be perfect in what we do; however; our beingness is always perfect! And not being perfect does not change our awesomeness on the inside.

While we may never get everything always 100%, and we do make mistakes which is all a natural part of life and learning anyway, we can still learn to appreciate and value ourselves for the amazing beings we naturally are. After all it seems like we generally see more of another’s value than we do our own!

So what is there to appreciate, especially if there has been a big oopsies that day? Lots!

  • You can appreciate how your natural gentle breath is never far away and that when you breathe with gentleness and connection to your body, it feels delicious and warm and very full deep within.
  • You can appreciate the quality of your presence when you are with your body and how naturally light, fun and playful it can be to be with you.
  • You can appreciate that although life may change and present its challenging moments, the quality within your body does not need to change.

What is being shown here is that the way to feel our amazing awesomeness within us, is actually through our connection with our body, which in other words is code blue. If we are any higher than this, this connection, whilst always there, is no longer as clear and we don’t have the awareness of just how light and awesome we are anymore.

Therefore, the key to appreciation of who we are, is through learning to develop the skills that we can then use to support us with whatever life brings our way so we can remain connected and aware of our body.

And when we don’t feel we have the skills, that’s ok too; it’s always important to remember that naturally we do have all the skills we need to not only handle life but embrace it in full.

It’s a process of simply relearning to live that amazing awesomeness we all naturally are and can easily bring out into life.


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