How is FABIC different to other psychology and counselling clinics?

Firstly, we are not part of other psychology and counselling clinics, so we can’t compare how we are different. What we can tell you is about our approach. FABIC staff are very interested in first meeting the client for who they are and see their behaviours as secondary. At the heart of each human being is an awesome, amazing, lovable being! Some people are using behaviours that may not match their amazingness, however we are all equal in that we all have the same natural beauty-full essence.

Most people using unwanted behaviours are doing so because they feel hurt, alone, or simply not equipped to deal with and all that life presents them. We understand that the reason for behaviour being used is much more important than the actual behaviour itself.

Our role at FABIC is to make our own job redundant. Rather than offering solutions that provide momentary relief to help you through a certain situation only to have you coming back when a similar situation presents again, our goal is to teach you the skills to truly deal with the situation yourself so should a similar situation arise in the future you will have the ability to better manage this yourself. In essence our goal is to empower you.

FABIC’s philosophy states that all behaviour is happening for a reason and we believe that unwanted behaviour is often a person’s only existing means to manage in a situation they find difficult to understand and negotiate.

FABIC clinicians are highly focussed on teaching people to understand the reasons for behaviour along with teaching new appropriate behaviours to respond to situations they are finding challenging.

At FABIC, we teach and provide tools that are simple to implement in everyday real life situations. FABIC also takes a holistic approach and if deemed appropriate will involve significant others throughout clinical sessions to ensure that all involved develop a greater understanding of the behaviour used by the individual seeking support.

It is not unusual for many family and support members to attend the one session as the behaviours used by one will be influenced by the behaviours used by another. FABIC staff emphasise that all people experience the same world differently, remembering that different does not mean wrong.

To understand one person’s behaviour choice we must attempt to understand how that individual is perceiving their world … thus attempting to understand their challenging situations and reasons for their behaviour choices.

FABIC also emphasises RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility can be empowering when embraced, yet disempowering if we give our power and responsibility to another person.

Our role at FABIC is not to “fix you” rather to teach you a different way of living life and responding to all that life presents in your unique classroom of life, and thus the choice of your behaviour and outcomes in life become your responsibility … “If you don’t like your outcomes in life, we encourage you to examine all your own behaviours and investigate how they might be contributing to this.”

Our philosophy is – our job is to make our job redundant. Here a short clip to explain more:

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