Our Staff

Tanya Curtis Fabic
Founder and Managing Director of Fabic

Behaviour Specialist, Presenter, Author, Course Facilitator, Products Developer

Tanya Curtis founded Fabic (Functional Assessment & Behavioural Interventions Clinic) in 2006 with a vision to support people to Understand & Change unwanted behaviours, whilst simultaneously valuing each person’s uniqueness and individual strengths...

Kathryn Maroney
Seniour Speech Pathologist

Over many years of practice, Kathryn has found that people who struggle to communicate do so because there is something in the way of them accessing their true ability to express. In most cases, a communication disorder is the symptom of a ‘road block’ and not the person’s true ability to communicate. Kathryn supports people to develop their communication by addressing the road blocks and...

Sarah Broome, Counsellor

Sarah Broome is a Provisional Psychologist who brings a deep love of people and a commitment to supporting others to grow awareness and well-being in their lives.

Sarah practises from a strengths-based framework which supports you to confirm and appreciate your existing qualities; from there you can understand and let go of hurts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Emily Rutherford
Counsellor and Psychology Student

Emily is offering Behaviour Counselling services whilst completing her Honours degree to become a registered psychologist.

Emily has been working under the guidance of Tanya Curtis, learning to apply Functional Behaviour Assessment and the Body Life Skills program to support people with lasting behaviour change. Emily operates from the basis that we are all awesome, amazing and...

Rebekah Hanau
Client Services and Administration

Rebekah is a university student studying a Bachelor of Counselling.

She has been a highly valued member of the Fabic team since starting in early 2015. Rebekah used to lead the administration team until she started studying counselling part-time, on Tanya’s recommendation and with her support. Since her enrolment, Rebekah has flourished at Fabic, advancing from administration...

Darcy Robinson
Client Services and Administration

As head of Client Services and Administration, Darcy Robinson has been supporting Fabic since joining the team in 2017. She has been a highly valued and deeply appreciated member of Fabic who has brought her professionalism, steadiness and initiative to the admin team to support clients as well as clinicians.

Darcy completed a Certificate III in Business and Administration with Fabic...

Joshua Campbell
Public Relations and Marketing

Joshua’s background is in IT and design and he has become the public relations expert at Fabic. He manages the website and online presence as well as designing many of the flyers, newsletters, adverts and other publications that promote Fabic’s unique services to the world.

Currently based overseas, he works remotely for Fabic but does not let distance be a factor. Despite having never...

Susan Scully
Accountancy & Finance

With over 30 years in Accountancy, Business and Finance, Susan has worked within national and international companies, holding many company directorships and management positions — mostly whilst managing and operating her own and others’ businesses since 1999. Today she runs her own Accountancy and Business Consultancy practice, supporting people and businesses like FABIC with their business,...