Understanding Behaviour

Conducting a Functional Behavioural Assessment for people using unwanted behaviours

All behaviour happens for a reason … Understanding the reason for Behaviour is the crucial first step if successful behaviour change is to occur.

At times we all use behaviours we would prefer not to be using. If we want the behaviour to change it is important that we must first understand “why” this behaviour is being used! All behaviour happens for a reason … no matter how unwanted or unacceptable the behaviour is, it is happening for a reason. This reason must first be identified if we want positive behaviour change to occur.

This course aims to support people to look at behaviour in isolation of the person and be objective by investigating and identifying the reason behind certain behaviours.

You will be taught a scientific yet user friendly behaviour investigation tool enabling you to “Understand Behaviour used by yourself and other people”.

Behaviour is often used to describe who a person is, but if we learn to understand behaviour as “a form of expression that can often be a coping strategy” we will be able to learn to understand that behaviour is not who a person is; rather what a person is doing.

Course participants will leave equipped with the knowledge of all the required steps to conduct a Functional Behavioural Assessment in their work, community or home setting … thus leaving with a view of UNDERSTANDING BEHAVIOUR.

What you will learn

This workshop is designed for attendees to gain an understanding of behaviours used by self or other people using a scientific behaviour assessment model.

Functional Behaviour Assessment is a worldwide recognised assessment tool that (when used as a first step) supports with positive behaviour change. Fabic teaches that you must first understand behaviour and then use this information to develop behaviour change strategies.

Note: behaviour change strategies are covered in our course “Changing Behaviour”. These two courses complement each other but it is not essential to do both.

Who should attend?

  • Any person who would like to develop a greater understanding of why unwanted behaviours occur to support with true and lasting behaviour change in yourself or in any other person.
  • Employees from: Education Services, Disability Services, Mental Health Departments, Medical Services, Justice Departments, Welfare Agencies, Residential Support Networks, Legal Services & other Health & Human Services
  • Supporters of people who use unwanted behaviours including parents, partners, siblings, grandparents, relatives and friends.

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