Changing Behaviour

Many people use behaviours that have a negative impact on themselves and those around them; acting or behaving in a way that they would prefer not to be. It is our experience at Fabic that people frequently use unwanted behaviours in response to situations in life they find challenging; situations they do not feel equipped to respond to by using positive and wanted behaviours. At times people simply do not know what new positive behaviours to use instead.

Using desired behaviours to respond to all parts of life is a skill; a skill that often
 needs to be taught and not expected that people know how to do automatically … just like learning to read or driving a car; choosing the behaviours we would like to use in response to life’s challenges is a skill that can also be learnt.

Whether it be a 3-year-old or an 80-year-old; we all have used unwanted behaviours at some point in our life, and will again in the future unless we are supported and taught to respond differently. This workshop provides participants with a greater understanding of the reasons behind their unwanted behaviours, and the practical tools to choose differently in the future.

“The more time we are using wanted behaviours the less time we have
available to use old unwanted behaviours”

What you will learn

This course will support people to first understand why people use certain behaviours and with this information support positive behaviour change in self or other people.

The focus of this workshop will be on teaching new positive behaviours to respond to life, and preventative strategies as opposed to reactive strategies (only responding once the unwanted behaviours have occurred). Use of real case examples 
and the opportunity to practice learned strategies will allow participants to develop a true understanding that can be integrated into your every-day-life.

Who should attend?

  • Any person who would like to develop a greater understanding of why unwanted behaviours occur to support with true and lasting behaviour change in yourself or in any other person.
  • Employees from: Education Services, Disability Services, Mental Health Departments, Medical Services, Justice Departments, Welfare Agencies, Residential Support Networks, Legal Services & other Health & Human Services
  • Supporters of people who use unwanted behaviours including parents, partners, siblings, grandparents, relatives and friends.

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