Life Skills Developer

Supporting lasting behaviour change through life skills development

Do you and your team feel equipped to respond to the behaviour challenges presented in your workplace? Do you want your team to really make a difference to the lives of your clients?

Whether it be in the field of disability, mental health, education or in a caring capacity of any kind, our clients are like any other person in that they are here to embrace life and all that life presents – however, in each of these industries, behaviour issues are getting worse. Is it time to re-address how we approach them?

Why is this course needed?

As a Behaviour Specialist I have been working in the field of behaviour since 2002. In my role I have completed countless behaviour assessments in homes, workplaces, community settings and educational facilities.

What is common amongst all assessments is that behavioural deterioration is a result of a person perceiving they are not equipped to respond to what life may be presenting them at any given moment, albeit a different aspect of life for each one.

So – what if caring was not about caring alone but rather, more about supporting a person to develop the skills to respond to life and what life is presenting?

All too frequently I have seen carers completing tasks for their clients when they have the capacity to learn and/or do such tasks themselves. What if this approach was in fact contributing to increased behaviour issues? What if this approach was reducing if not denying a person’s purpose?

What if we changed the title from carer, support worker or alike to LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPER?


This one-day program will offer all those working in the field of behaviour to embrace their role of a FOREVER TEACHER OF LIFE; offering a way forward for clients in their care to:

  • Decrease anxiety and the use of unwanted behaviours
  • Increase independence
  • Increase autonomy
  • Increase self-responsibility
  • Increase life skills and means of responding to all that life presents
  • Increase use of wanted behaviours
  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth
  • Increase feelings of “I’m contributing to my own life and have a purpose”

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for any individual or teams who are:

  1. Truly interested in making a difference to the lives of their clients
  2. Interested in embracing the role of a life skills developer

What will be covered?

  1. How to understand the reason why behaviour is occurring:
    • Identify the parts of life a person feels not equipped to respond to
    • What life skills are needed
    • The benefits of micro-analysis – identifying the tiny aspects of life that become triggers
  2. Teaching life skills to bring lasting change:
    • Common skills needed
    • Workshopping specific skills needed for your workplace

This course introduces The Body Life Skills Program which is a simplified and user friendly way of conducting the evidence based and highly successful ‘Functional Behaviour Assessment’

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