Communicating Effectively in the Workplace

Most workplaces involve people. When we are with people we are always communicating with each other in one form or another, and this communication has a big impact on those around us.

Our ability to communicate effectively is an important skill that is often overlooked. Generally we expect people to automatically know how to do this, but like any skill, effective communication needs to be learned, taught and constantly refined.

There are very few workplaces today that are free of dynamics, frustrations and other ill feelings between people — whether it be towards our customers, clients, colleagues, employees, employers … in fact anyone.

Workplaces are often filled with tension. This is generally as a result of people’s communication styles. The reality is, we spend a high percentage of our waking hours at work, yet many people resent being in the workplace as a result of this tension.

Research has indicated that if a person enjoys being in the workplace their work productivity will naturally be increased. Is it possible that work enjoyment and thus productivity is greatly affected by communication styles within the workplace?

When the strategies in this course are applied in the workplace there will be an increased quality in:

Improving relations with:

  • Customers & Clients
  • Colleagues
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Contractors
  • All People

While Increasing:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employer satisfaction
  • Unity in the workplace
  • Work productivity
  • Self-responsibility in the workplace

What you will learn

A simple yet highly effective way of communicating with all people

To increase understanding while decreasing judgment

Who should attend:

All people in the workplace including business owners, managers and employees at all levels. 

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