Teaching Social Skills to Others

Socialising successfully is a part of life that many find uncomfortable, tricky or just don’t feel equipped to do. This is because social interactions often require skills that a person may not have developed. Many people will benefit from the opportunity to learn and practice social skills to support in creating positive interactions.

Who teaches social skills?

The fact is we are all potential social skills teachers. We all require a combination of singular social skills each time we interact with another person that we combine together to make a social interaction. These singular skills include any element of a social interaction such as: starting to play, beginning a conversation, understanding body language and tone, engaging in eye contact, saying goodbye etc. These singular skills often need to be taught and not expected that a person will know them automatically. If we have developed any of these singular skills we are able to pass them on and thus we are potential suitable teachers.

However, teaching social skills to other people can be an in depth task. To create positive interactions with other people requires many individual social skills to be combined together into one smooth effortless interaction.

So how do we factor in the many individual social skills, the responses that may come from other people and the other variables that can change from day-to-day when teaching social skills to other people?

This course will support those who would like to develop the skills to support others to develop and practice some of the individual skills required to create positive social interactions.

With these skills you can support those who are often being excluded and rejected to develop the skills required for positive interactions to occur, leading to acceptance and inclusion.

Suitable For

All people supporting, teaching, living with or knowing someone who has “under-developed social skills”.

Suitable for teenagers to adults.

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