Caring for Self While Caring for Others

Caring for Ourselves Allows Us to Truly Support Other People

A common statement offered at Fabic is – ‘our number 1 job is to take care of ourselves’.

Why? When our everyday life includes caring for others, why is it that our number 1 job is to first care for ourselves? Is it possible that caring for ourselves then allows us to truly care for and support others?

It is our experience that introducing self-care to our life daily supports people on all levels, offering not only our own physical, social and psychological wellbeing to meet its full potential but also to deepen the quality of support we offer to others.

It is a common belief that caring for ourselves and putting ourselves first is selfish; yet, when done in truth, caring for self is one of the most selfless acts one can engage in. Self-care is an essential ingredient in the caring process and greatly enriches the quality of care you offer to another.

“When we are living our full potential,
we can then truly support others to meet their full potential.”

This workshop will support participants to develop true care and support for themselves while being able to support others in a way that is less taxing on their own body and overall well-being. This leads to the ability to offer true support to both you and the person you are supporting.

Topics Covered

This course offers participants practical and instantly useable means of supporting themselves and thus equally supporting others. Together we will explore:
  • What is caring for ourselves?
  • Why is caring for ourselves so important?
  • Quality care vs functional care
  • Myths and truths about caring for self
  • Sympathy and empathy vs understanding
  • Observing life vs absorbing life
  • Body Life Skills Program leading to lasting behaviour change
  • The importance of independence and responsibility
  • Supporting others through how we live
  • How we treat our body and the effects this can have (positive and negative)
  • The roles we play in life and how they impact on us
  • Self-harm/self-abuse vs self-care, self-love and self-nurturing
  • Redefining my role as a carer … a true life teacher
Suitable for all people supporting patients, clients, students, employees, colleagues, family, friends, partners … in fact any person supporting any other person!

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