Understanding and Addressing Bullying

A behaviour specialist approach to bullying in the school, workplace, home and society.

Bullying is now so common that society has come to accept bullying as a part of life… accepted as the norm!


One reason is that many approaches to addressing bullying are based on ‘changing the behaviour’ …or… ‘stopping the bullying!’ At Fabic, it is our experience that these approaches are missing one crucial element … that we must first UNDERSTAND THE REASON for behaviours surrounding bullying before behaviour change strategies can be implemented.

Based on the method of Functional Behaviour Assessment, this course presents the understanding that the reason behind a behaviour is much more important than the actual bullying behaviour … until we address the reason it is impossible for lasting change to occur.

The fact is, any case of bullying is about two people who are finding life challenging for their own unique reasons and both the person being bullied and ‘the bully’ require support.

Why is this workshop important?

Today bullying is occurring everywhere – schools, homes, workplaces, society, with politicians, in the media and online. It is hard to escape bullying behaviour with most people knowing of someone or themselves having experienced either being bullied or being the bully. This is a societal issue that requires a societal approach.

The patterns of behaviour a person develops today can have significant influence over the patterns of behaviours used throughout one’s life.

Thus if a person:

  1. Presents as a victim … it is likely they will continue to approach their life as a victim
  2. Presents as a bully … it is likely they will continue to rely on bullying behaviours to make their way through life
  3. Approaches life from a perspective of learning to take responsibility for their own behaviour and their own experiences of life … it is likely this approach will continue in life

If, as a society today we promote a blame/victim approach to life … our adults of the future will continue to take this same approach to their life and teach it to future generations


If we promote a community of people who take responsibility for their own behaviours and ways of managing their own challenges in life … our adults of the future will live with a quality of self-responsibility and care for others that will be passed on for generations to come

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