Advanced Changing Behaviour

Many people put a cap on ‘happiness’ as ‘functioning through life’ but fail to see that there is much more to life beyond ‘function’ … in fact there is JOY!

Further to this, it is a known fact that we all use behaviours we would prefer not to use – behaviours that reduce our quality of life. At Fabic we refer to these non-preferred behaviours as “unwanted behaviours”. Some people’s unwanted behaviours are more intense then others, however if we are honest we all have behaviours that we would prefer to stop using.

Changing behaviour is often seen as a good idea and comes with good intent, but until we address the ‘root cause’ of the behaviour it will continue to reappear in the same or another unwanted form. Thus changing behaviour requires a thorough process of identifying, understanding and healing the root cause of the non-preferred behaviour.

Learning to understand (without judgment) and change behaviour is a constantly developing process. As one commits to a deeper and more fulfilling quality of life within themselves, in their relationships, work and in the community, this process will continue to support one to further develop their understanding of themselves and others, and live their full potential.

This course will expand on the topics presented in Fabic’s course “Changing Behaviour”, however it is not a pre-requisite to have attended this course first.

What you will learn

This course will support people to develop a deeper understanding of ‘why we use behaviours that cap us to remain in function’ and thus reduce the level of joy that is accessible to all. Further to this, we will discuss many Advanced Behaviour Change strategies. These simple, practical and ready to use tools will support the development of lasting change in the lives of you and other people you spend time with and/or support in a professional capacity.

Who should attend?

  • Suitable for all those wanting to deepen their own quality of life or to support another to do the same.
  • Any person ready to explore life beyond function, free themselves of hurts and increase joy in their life.

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