Understanding Cycles of Abuse

Many people are exposed to abuse on a regular and even repetitive basis. This may look like:

  • Abuse from others
  • Abuse to self
  • Abuse towards others

Abuse frequently appears cyclic, with people finding themselves in a similar situation of abuse time and time again.

What is Abuse and does it affect me?

Abuse is a word that leads us to conclude something of an extreme nature, often related to what we judge as high intensity dangerous behaviours. However, is it possible that the word ‘abuse’ has been ‘abused’ and as a result we have overlooked and thus left unaddressed other behaviours that are less intense? What if at the core, we as humans only knew 2 types of behaviours (1) loving and (2) harming.

What if anything that is ‘not love’ is actually a form of harm?

I wonder why?

  • Why does this cyclic pattern of abuse occur?

  • Why does abuse seem to occur to some people and not others? Is it bad luck, unfortunate timing, or something else at play?
  • Why do we live in a world where ‘abuse’ is so common we have come to accept this as our ‘normal’ way?
  • Partners feeling rejected when they are offered suggestions of how they could do something differently.
  • Why does abuse seem to be more common for some, yet appear less common for others?
  • Why do some people say ‘no’ to abuse whereas others continue to accept it?

These questions and more will be explored in this workshop. 

Who should attend?

  • Any person who is experiencing harm/abuse from any other person and would like to understand their own cycle and what part they can play in ceasing this ill pattern.
  • Any person who is ready and willing to understand and explore changing their own behaviours that are harming themselves and/or any other person.

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