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FABIC Posters support the integration of lasting behaviour change, social skills, confidence building and more in your everyday environment. Excellent for Educators, Mental Health Workers, Behaviour Support Practitioners and Parents. 

Who are they for? 

  • Anyone experiencing unwanted or non-preferred behaviours
  • An excellent resource for Educators, Mental Health Workers, Behaviour Support Practitioners and Parents.
  • Children and adults with Autism, developmental delays and other intellectual impairments
  • Those experiencing low-confidence, anxiety and more.

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Posters can be purchased individually or as poster booklets that contain an entire collection.


FABIC Poster Collection

A collection of 53 different posters that support the integration of the FABIC Body Life Skills Program into the everyday settings of home, school, workplace – anywhere.

SunLight Ink POSTERS

Sunlight Ink Poster Collection

A booklet with 27 different posters from Sunlight Ink: visual reminders for all ages that support living the beauty-full essence and the unique puzzle piece that you are.


I Choose Charts Collection

A booklet with 36 unique I Choose Charts that can be used as a teaching and/or learning tool to support people to navigate the life lessons in their own unique classroom of life. 

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