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The acclaimed Body Life Skills Program is now available as an Online Learning program, bringing you all the tools needed for the 3 steps leading to lasting behaviour change – Body, Life and Skills. This foundational course is the basis for all other Online Learning courses to come.

Let’s face it – we all …

  • have behaviours that we would prefer not to be using and/or
  • are working alongside, caring for or living with people who regularly display unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, ranging from mild to severe to off the Richter scale.

No matter the intensity, the Body Life Skills program is based on the knowing that

  • we are not what we do, 
  • all and every behaviour happens for a reason and
  • we need to learn/teach new skills to change unwanted or non-preferred behaviour.

The Body Life Skills program is for those who are serious about lasting behaviour change and true answers as opposed to short-term solutions and quick fixes that don’t last the distance. For many, the Body Life Skills program has been their last resort when they had all but given up and all other attempts at behaviour change had failed.

There are many behaviour change models available – but do they go to the root of the problem, do they offer lasting behaviour change?


Online Learning Courses @ Fabic:

Course One: Introduction to the Body Life Skills Program

Fabic Behaviour Specialists Online Learning is proud to offer you the keys to understanding and changing behaviour in a user-friendly module that allows you immediate access anywhere and anytime and lets you learn at your own pace. Thus, even the busiest person can fit learning new and practical skills as well as gaining many insights for their everyday life into their daily routine.

The Body Life Skills Online Learning program comprises 10 modules and comes with lots of tools for all learning styles, from the many video clips and text passages to reflective tasks, multiple choice questions and much more.

This module delivers the whole foundational package and thus, everything you need is at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you choose:

  • the 16 Guiding Principles to Body, Life, Skills
  • the Fabic Behaviour/Anxiety Scale
  • the Fabic I Choose Chart

This offering allows you to start on the journey to lasting behaviour change as opposed to being at the mercy of and feeling helpless in the face of unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, whether by yourself or any other person you are caring for or working with.

The Body Life Skills program, the first offering of the many user-friendly modules from Fabic Behaviour Specialists Online Learning in the pipeline, is available for purchase from the Fabic shop

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