Staff Mentoring

Designing, implementing, evaluating and modifying effective behaviour strategies can often feel overwhelming. The reality is, it’s often just a small loophole and some minor tweaking required to make what has already been developed go from ineffective to effective. It’s just about having the expertise and objectivity to see what is really going on.

Another factor in implementing behavior strategies is consistency. It is very common for Fabic staff to be working with one client who has multiple staff, family and supporters working with them. For example, one student might have up to ten teachers and thus inconsistency in method alone can often result in effective strategies becoming ineffective!

Fabic’s staff mentoring program has been designed to support carers to implement Fabic’s Behaviour Methodology based on understanding and changing behaviour into a client's natural environment – the best way to do this is to train the staff to do so!

As mentioned throughout this website, our job at Fabic is to make our own job redundant. If we can equip the staff with the skills to implement successful behaviour change in a certain situation, they will then be able to bring those skills to any other cases where unwanted behaviour is occurring.

Goal of staff mentoring:

To support an individual staff member or small groups of staff to develop, implement, modify and evaluate behaviour strategies in the work setting by utilising Fabic's 3 step process to behaviour change Body Life Skills.

Fabic staff are able to offer frequent mentoring to support the effective implementation of behaviour strategies in one identified environment for either one person or for an entire group.

Who is staff mentoring for:

Any person wanting to support the behaviour change of another person. This can be for individuals or small groups of people such as organisations, families, schools or government agencies.

Access to staff mentoring:

  • Face-to-face at Fabic on the Gold Coast Australia
  • Skype or phone – free video conferencing from anywhere in the world
  • Onsite in Home, schools, workplaces or community – wherever you and the behaviour are. Travel costs apply


From a school where Tanya Curtis offered a school regular staff mentoring by attending a fortnightly staff meeting via Skype:

Tan has been attending a fortnightly staff meeting via Skype to support us to case manage our students with difficult behaviour. It has been great to have her part of the team so we are able to review regularly our strategies and change them quickly when not working. Our behaviour incident with our initial child reduced dramatically but we have also noticed our school suspensions have reduced.

For more information on our Staff Mentoring services please contact Fabic.