Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis
Founder and Managing Director of Fabic

Behaviour Specialist, Presenter, Author, Course Facilitator, Products Developer

Tanya Curtis founded Fabic (Functional Assessment & Behavioural Interventions Clinic) in 2006 with a vision to support people to Understand & Change unwanted behaviours, whilst simultaneously valuing each person’s uniqueness and individual strengths.  Tanya supports people to recognise that “behaviour is not who you are, it is what you do, thus something you can choose to change” … this applies to ALL people using any unwanted behaviour.

Tanya naturally expresses by teaching people to improve their own lives and knows that connecting with people for who they are is essential while supporting them to make their desired behavioural changes!

Tanya presents behaviour specialist workshops locally, nationally & internationally; is the author of “Challenging Change, Behaviour Strategies for Life”, has developed online behaviour support programs and is the Senior Behaviour Specialist & Managing Director at Fabic.

Tanya's professional qualifications include a: Master of Behaviour Management, Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management) and an Associate Diploma of Education.

Tanya is a monthly contributor to “Coast Kids” magazine answering questions on behavioural topics relevant to the local community.

Conference Appearances:

  1. Aspect Conference, Brisbane 2018
  2. The 18th International Mental Health Conference, Gold Coast, August 2017
  3. No More Harm - National Bullying, Harassing and Discrimination Conference, Brisbane, June 2017. For more information please visit www.nomoreharm.com.au 
  4. World Federation for Mental Health International Conference, Cairns, October 2016. For more information please visit wfmh2016.com
  5. 17th International Mental Health Conference, Gold Coast, August 2016
  6. ANZ Urology Conference, Noosa, July 2016
  7. Australian Counselling Association - Towards the Future, Melbourne, July 2015
  8. Australia & New Zealand Eating Disorder Conference, Gold Coast, May 2015 - Download Abstract
  9. AusDoCC (Australian Disorders of the Corpus Collosum), March 2015
  10. ACA 2013 National Conference: The Shorts, T-Shirts, and Thongs of Mental Health, Gold Coast, September 2013 - YouTube Link
  11. Psychological Well-being Conference There Is Another Way, December 2013. For more information please visit psychologicalwellbeing.net
  12. Australian Counselling Associations National Conference – We Are All the Same In that We Are All Different! The Importance of Meeting the Client for Who They Are Without Comparison or Judgment September 2013 - Download Abstract

Community Presentations:

  1. Carers Forum Gold Coast – Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre - Caring for Self while Caring for Others – April 2013
  2. Gold Coast City Council Active & Healthy Programme – Monthly Community talks on the Gold Coast since July 2012
  3. Autism Gold Coast – 2008; 2009; 2011; 2012
  4. Savvy Mummas Connection Talk – Q1 Gold Coast – 2012
  5. Mums Chatterbox – Gold Coast 2012
  6. NSW forum for disabilities in Coffs Harbour – 2011
  7. Bullying Forum on Gold Coast – 2011

Tanya is available for speaking engagements on behaviour specialist and related topics.

Tanya has a strong commitment to her clients, values equal-ness in all and values each person for their own unique amazingness.  She understands that her own quality of livingness is paramount to offer continued and expanding support for her clients and thus has a strong commitment to ongoing personal and professional development. 

For further information and to keep up to date with the broad range of businesses, projects and community initiatives that Tanya is involved in, visit her personal website at www.tanyacurtis.com.au