NDIS and Fabic

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia wide supporting with a diagnosed disability, including some mental health.

‘The NDIS is intended to provide Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability, reasonable and necessary supports they need to live an ordinary life’

Fabic are now approved providers Australia wide offering services via Skype, GoToMeeting, phone and face-to-face where location permits.

To learn more about Fabic and NDIS, download your copy of the Fabic NDIS Flyer.

There has been a lot of news recently about NDIS and Fabic and much of it is not true. Below is a introduction to Fabic's approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder:

The information on the following explains the NDIS, how it will work and what it means for people with a disability:


NDIS Services Offered at Fabic

Via Skype, GoToMeeting, phone or face-to-face where location permits, the below services are available at Fabic.

  • Behaviour Specialist Consultations
  • Psychology
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Consultancy Services
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Assessments
  • Workshop / Professional Development
  • Books / Products

Fabic’s main office is on the Gold Coast, with locum offices in Brisbane and Lismore.


Overview of the NDIS

The NDIS replaces previous disability funding systems.

Prior to NDIS:
A person with a disability was eligible for funding. All approved funding, often known as ‘block funding’ was allocated to disability organisations to provide the bulk of a client’s support.  

Now with NDIS:

  1. A person with a disability is assessed eligible for funding.  
  2. Eligible people are allocated individualised funding according to their needs and goals.  
  3. Each person can exercise choice and control over the services and supports they choose to receive. 

NDIS Goals:

  • For the disability sector to become one uniformed, national scheme.
  • For Australians with a disability and their families to access increased choice and control over their required services and supports.


When and where is the NDIS available for you?

The NDIS has been available in some trial areas throughout Australia since 2013 and progressively being launched Australia wide for a complete roll out nation-wide by 2019.

The state links below provide further information relevant to your state: 

  1. Australia Capital Territory
  2. New South Wales
  3. Northern Territory Queensland
  4. South Australia
  5. Tasmania
  6. Victoria
  7. Queensland

More Infomation on NDIS Sites.


Preparing for NDIS

1. Eligibility Check ... are you?

    • Under 65?
    • An Australian Resident?
    • Living in an area where NDIS is available?
    • Diagnosed with a disability that is likely to be permanent?
    • Requiring support now to reduce your future support needs?

More Information: NDIS Access Checklist

2. Eligibility Assessments

    1. Contact NDIS to access client's eligibility for NDIS. Phone 1800 800 110.
    2. Once eligibility has been ascertained, client is ready to begin steps for preparing their plan.

3. Meeting the Planners

    1. NDIA have staff called Planners who conduct the planning assessment.
    2. Clients and Planners together creat an initial plan, identifying current and future supports required. Plans are geared towards supporting a client based on what is considered: reasonable and necessary to enable a normal life.
    3. Your first plan is the beginning of a life-long relationship with NDIS.

4. Managing the Plan

Once a client's individual plan has been completed and agreed to by all parties, a client has three choices as to how the plan is managed in the future:

    1. Self-management
    2. Plan Management Provider
    3. Nominate NDIA to manage the plan


Clients manage their own plan's financial and administrative processes, seeking reimbursement through NDIS for services used.

Plan Management Provider

Client engages a business/organisation to undertake all financial and administrative processes involved on the client's behalf.

Nominate the NDIA

NDIA make all necessary payments to any registered care and/or support providers chosen by the participant.

5. Managing the Plan

Clients contact service providers approved for NDIS to support plan implementation.

6. Plan review

A client's plan is reviewed approximately every 12 months to ensure they have access to all required support.


Booking a Fabic Session

To book a Fabic clinician via NDIS, it is a requirement for clients to:

  • Provide their unique NDIS number which they will be provided at the Eligibility assessment.
  • Complete a service agreement (provided by Fabic admin team)
  • Complete an initial intake form (provided by Fabic admin team)
  • Book an appointment time (noting all times provided in QLD time)

1. Appointments are available:

    • Australia wide - Skype, GoToMeeting and/or phone appointments.
    • Gold Coast, Brisbane & Lismore - face-to-face appointments available.

2. To book an appointment at Fabic:

3. For further information about:


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to choose the things I want?

A key principle underpinning the design of the NDIS is to give Australians with disability far greater choice and control over the supports and services they receive.

Participants can choose:

    • The service agencies they would like to provide the supports identified in their package.
    • Change service providers who do not adequately and satisfactorily meet their needs.
    • Directly employ their own support workers, or purchase supports from mainsteam and/or specialist providers of support workers.
    • Seek support from intermediaries in making their choices and handling administrative tasks. Or, they can choose to manage their own package and purchase their own suports.

Will Centrelink be responsibile for administering NDIS funds?

No the NDIA is solely responsible for overall administration of NDIS funds.

What happens if I'm deemed to be ineligible for NDIS funding?

People ineligible for an individualised funding package can:

    • Seek general advice and information from the NDIA.
    • Request a formal review and appeals process.

Will I have to travel far for my assessment?

    • NDIA offices will be in all major cities and large towns.
    • Other means of accessing the NDIS will be available, including online, face-to-face and over the telephone.

I have a permanent disability; do I really have to go through yet another "assessment"?

    • Yes ... but only once.
    • An initial assessment by NDIA staff is essential to determine your eligibility for the NDIS and to establish your first plan.
    • Once enrolled in the NDIS you need to constantly re-prove your eligibility.
    • Each plan will require a monitoring and review process to accommodate future changes in an individual's needs or circumstances.



    • NDIA - National Disability Insurance Agency
    • NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme
    • FABIC - Functional Assessment and Behavioural Interventions Clinic


NDIS Intake 2016

To learn more about Fabic and NDIS, download your copy of the Fabic NDIS Flyer.