Kathryn Maroney

Kathryn Maroney
Speech Pathologist

Over many years of practice, Kathryn has found that people who struggle to communicate, do so because there is something in the way of them accessing their true ability to express. In most cases, a communication disorder is the symptom of a ‘road block’ and not the person’s true ability to communicate.

Kathryn addresses communication disorders by supporting people to draw out their true potential for expression first and then refining as needed from there. 


“To truly heal a difficulty communicating, 
a person must connect to the innate ability to express already within and allow this to come out”
Kathryn Maroney 

A pioneering approach to the practice of speech pathology that combines contemporary tools of this profession with connection, building relationships and the understanding that people are so much more than the skills and behaviours they demonstrate.

Kathryn has extensive experience working in the field of autism and the general practice of paediatric speech pathology. Kathryn has worked in private practice, schools, community health and the not for profit sector. Kathryn has also volunteered her speech pathology services to Moira Kelly’s Children First Foundation, working primarily with children with severe cleft palate.

Kathryn has worked at Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre since 2014, offering 1:1 therapy, groups, holiday programs and presenting workshops. Every day at Fabic is an absolute pleasure and joy for Kathryn. 

Kathryn is in the process of developing a line of resources for parents, teachers and other speech pathologists. Kathryn is the Gold Coast representative for Speech Pathology Australia – the regulatory body for the speech pathology profession in Australia.