About Fabic

We support people to understand and change unwanted behaviours

Behaviour is NOT who we are, it is what we DO. What we DO can be changed when the behaviour is correctly understood and then behaviour change strategies are taught!

At Fabic we support people to understand that behaviour is happening for a reason. Life presents us all with situations that can be uncomfortable, challenging and ones we do not feel completely equipped to manage. It is this feeling of not being equipped to deal with life and our challenging situations that lead us to use behaviours that impact negatively on ourselves and those around us – our unwanted behaviours!

At Fabic we support our clients to identify the core challenging situations presented in life including those that are current and those experienced in the past. We understand it is these experiences of life that influence our behaviour choices today. Identifying the aspects of life a person does not feel completely equipped to mange is the key first step to affecting true and lasting behaviour change. 

This understanding forms the foundation for all our behaviour change programs.

Once our clients are equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand the challenging situations that lead to their unwanted behaviours, we then teach them strategies to help them respond to these situations by choosing behaviours that will best support themselves and those around them. This makes a real difference to the quality of life for individuals, their families and the wider community in which they live.

We Bring Practical Wisdom

The strategies taught at Fabic are practical, useful tools that are simple to apply when taught how. When applied, the strategies make a real difference to the quality of life for individuals, their families and the wider community in which they live in the short and long-term!

Fabic’s practical wisdom is aimed at making our own role redundant… we focus on supporting our clients to develop the skills to better understand the challenges that they face in life, and choose the behaviours that will best support themselves and those around them.

Fabic's simple but unique methodology can be applied to all ages and demographics ... available for any individual choosing to understand their own or another person’s behaviour.

Fabic's Key Principles

Behaviour is not who a person is but what a person does

At Fabic we understand that behavior is something that a person does; not who they are. No person at Fabic is ever seen for their behaviours, diagnosis, label or any other defining characteristic.  We see all people for the unique amazing person that they truly are.  It is clear when we look into the eyes of a newborn baby that we are all born naturally sweet, open and amazing in our essence. As we grow up this essence never leaves us and never goes away, although the behaviours that we use may not always match our amazingness!  With this approach we understand that people are only victims to their behaviour if they choose to be, but also understand that if they are taught how, all people can change their own behaviour if they choose to.  We understand that using desired behaviour is a skill that requires teaching; we do not expect people to automatically know how to respond to all aspects of life.

Therefore ALL people can change their own unwanted behaviours if:

  1. They are willing
  2. They have been taught how to using a method that supports that person’s individual strengths

Behaviour must be understood and not judged

All behaviour used by any person is happening for a reason!

The reason for unwanted behaviour is much more important to Fabic practitioners than what the behaviour looks like. Fabic staff commit to micro-analysing the person’s experiences to help identify the reason for unwanted behaviours being used.  Consequently, unwanted behaviour is never judged, rather understood.  Behaviour change strategies are developed based on addressing these reasons.

We are all the same in that we are all different

At Fabic we see all people as equal. There is no one who person who is greater or lesser than another … we all have unique qualities and skills that we bring.

Although we are all the same, we are also all unique. We are all same in that we ALL have situations in life we find uncomfortable or challenging; and yet we are unique because each person’s challenges are likely to differ from another! We all experience LIFE differently.

Fabic practitioners understand we are only able to support another person to develop behaviour change in an area we have mastered for ourselves and therefore a commitment to continued personal & professional development is paramount at Fabic as it allows us to constantly expand our ability to support others.

We support people who are experiencing challenges related to:

  • Children, adolescents & adults who are using behaviours that are having a negative impact on themselves and those around them … we have all used unwanted behaviours at some stage!
  • Anxiety, sadness, grief, frustration, anger, depression
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Communication issues in homes, workplaces, schools and individuals
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder; Asperger’s Syndrome; Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Social Skills Development
  • Any Mental Health Condition including; bi-polar, borderline personality disorder; schizophrenia
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Learning Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emotional challenges
  • Understanding behaviours used by other people
  • People wanting to experience a deeper quality of life and improved psychological well-being

We offer: Behaviour Specialist ConsultationsConsultancy Services, Staff Mentoring, Assessments, Client Group Training Programs, 6-hour training courses, 1-hour training courses and Behaviour Specialist Products.

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