The Body Life Skills Program has been instrumental in supplementing and reinforcing his personal commitment towards supporting self-improvement and positive self-regard. 

The Body Life Skills Program offers invaluable insights into understanding and addressing the underlying factors that contribute to behavioural patterns.


Behaviour Counsellor

Sean is deeply committed to fostering positive behavioural changes in individuals. His Bachelor’s in Psychological Science and current studies for a Master’s in Counselling have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour, which he incorporates with pragmatic and evidence-based approaches.

In his professional interactions, Sean prioritises and establishes rapport and trust with individuals, ensuring that communication is clear and focused on their needs. Sean creates an environment conducive to self-reflection and growth through active listening and empathetic understanding. 

Sean practises a holistic approach that recognizes the innate potential within everyone. By providing the necessary tools and support, his goal is to empower individuals to enact sustainable positive changes and reach their full potential. With a solid ethical foundation, dedication, and person-centred focus, Sean is steadfast in contributing meaningfully to individuals’ mental health and well-being.

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